Increase Website Traffic With SEO Services

Increase Website Traffic With SEO Services

Website Traffic:

Increasing web site traffic and Revenues have always been the​ aim of​ all internet marketing strategies. at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ you​ create a​ website so that people can visit it​ and you​ can get the​ desired result. you​ can do it​ by selling a​ product or​ a​ service and this could be your own or​ for another company. But if​ there is​ no traffic then there will be no sales,​ which means no profits. When we say traffic,​ it​ doesn’t mean just about anyone visiting the​ Internet but a​ targeted traffic that consists of​ visitors who will buy your product or​ use your services.

There are of​ course many ways or​ methods to​ bring traffic to​ your website but we are going to​ look at​ only the​ ones which have proven to​ be successful. in​ all,​ you​ can use three internet marketing strategies to​ get targeted traffic to​ your website and they are:

Pay-Per-Click/PPC: This is​ a​ perfect plan if​ you​ have a​ marketing or​ advertising budget. Pay-per-click campaigns offered by Google or​ yahoo don’t need you​ to​ spend too much money but it​ all depends on​ how effectively you​ are able to​ choose the​ right keywords for your advertisement. in​ a​ Pay-per-click campaign,​ you​ have to​ create an​ advertisement that is​ relevant to​ your product or​ service and place a​ bid on​ the​ keywords you​ select. So the​ primary concern is​ the​ keyword. you​ will have to​ do some research to​ find the​ right keywords and also understand how each keyword is​ associated with your product or​ service offering and how they can actually drive traffic. if​ you​ have a​ website selling travel tours,​ you​ can use keywords like trekking and hiking,​ honeymoon packages. if​ a​ visitor is​ looking for a​ travel tour company and sees your advertisement with the​ right keywords then he will definitely click on​ it​ and you​ will have to​ pay for every click.

Link Building: the​ second method of​ effectively bringing traffic to​ your website is​ through link building. Link popularity startegies can be free and also paid. in​ the​ paid method,​ you​ will be either paying a​ membership fee for submission of​ your website link to​ multiple directories,​ and ezines. it​ can prove to​ be costly if​ you​ are approaching too many vendors. to​ cut down the​ cost,​ you​ need to​ approach only those ezines,​ which have a​ higher page rank and where there are more than 500 visitors a​ day or​ more than 500 members. the​ free linking method on​ the​ other hand requires a​ lot of​ hard word and you​ will have to​ search for them. Again remember,​ don’t just go around putting your website link in​ just about any directory. Relevance is​ important hence approach only those directories or​ ezines,​ which have your product or​ service as​ one of​ their sections. There are many ezines where you​ can even submit optimized articles with your link free. These ezines probably have thousands of​ such articles but it​ will help in​ the​ long run to​ create visibility.

Organic Search Engine Optimization: the​ third and one of​ the​ most effective methods of​ increasing web traffic is​ Organic search engine optimization or​ SEO. Organic SEO is​ basically a​ method by which you​ can optimize your web pages so that you​ can start with a​ decent ranking by the​ search engines,​ and then work your way up. as​ the​ ranking increases,​ so does the​ web traffic. it​ is​ a​ long process but quite effective. Your website can be search optimized only when you​ use strong and relevant content on​ your website. the​ content should not just be attractive but will also be informative and keyword rich. if​ you​ are selling a​ service then provide as​ much information as​ possible without making the​ page too long. Again,​ try to​ keep the​ content within 500-700 words a​ page. Any longer than that,​ people will start losing interest. No one really has the​ time to​ read so much. People have come to​ your website to​ find a​ solution and hence you​ should focus more on​ providing the​ solution through good navigation,​ great content and refined information.

Once you​ have applied the​ three methods,​ your work doesn’t end. you​ need to​ also monitor if​ your website is​ getting the​ relevant website traffic or​ not. There are times when you​ may get only 40% of​ the​ relevant traffic and the​ 60% are visitors who came to​ your website out of​ curiosity or​ by accident. you​ can have a​ form on​ your website that visitors can fill so that you​ will get to​ understand their psychology.

Do it​ Yourself or​ hire a​ SEO Services Company?
Web optimization techniques are pretty complicated but anyone dedicated and willing and able to​ invest time to​ learn them can acheive a​ certain level of​ expertize. Certain competitive keywords will require professional help. if​ your site is​ a​ business and your budget allows you​ to​ do so,​ it​ is​ suggested you​ hire a​ professional SEO expert as​ doing it​ yourself will be extremely time consuming and may not even lead to​ noticeable outcomes.

Moe Tamani is​ a​ senior search engine optimization expert and copywriter for SEO 1 Services based in​ dallas,​Texas.

Increase Website Traffic With SEO Services

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