Increase Web Site Visitor Return Rates

Increase Web Site Visitor Return Rates

Every visitor to​ your web site is​ a​ precious potential client. it​ was hard work to​ get that site visitor there in​ the​ first place, so you should make every effort to​ encourage the​ potential client back.

The bottom line is​ that if​ the​ visitor found what they were looking for​ quickly and​ easily, they are much more likely to​ come back to​ your site. Here are six additional techniques you can use to​ help bring visitors back to​ your site. They are:

1. Email Newsletters

2. Bookmark Buttons

3. Periodic Updates

4. Games

5. Contests

6. Message Boards

A newsletter is​ perhaps the​ best tool for​ bringing people back to​ your web site. to​ have a​ newsletter all you need is​ a​ simple form on your web site to​ collect user's email addresses and​ an​ email client. That's it! it​ you want to​ go even more low tech, just have a​ bit of​ text that says, "Email us at​ to​ Join our Newsletter."

Once you have a​ few people to​ send a​ newsletter too, try to​ think of​ ways that you could provide useful information to​ potential clients. Maybe you will offer discounts to​ newsletter members, or​ perhaps send them articles on topics related to​ your site. Always have a​ link for​ subscribers to​ opt-out. and​ don't forget to​ request newsletter readers to​ visit your web site in​ every newsletter you send out.

A bookmark button reminds people visiting your site that they may want to​ visit your site again. When people bookmark your site, they are of​ course more likely to​ come back. Bookmark buttons can be easily created in​ javascript.

Periodic Updates could be a​ quote of​ the​ day or​ an​ image of​ the​ day or​ perhaps new articles every month or​ week. Anything that will make visitors want to​ come back for​ the​ next update will suffice. Once you have determined what your periodic update is, remind your visitors to​ come back for​ the​ update. it​ won't do much good if​ your visitors don't know about your updates.

Games in​ Flash or​ javascript can be quite simple, yet quite entertaining. Perfect examples are those Orbitz ads. if​ you don't know what I am talking about, Orbitz has Flash game ads that include golfing, pitching, piloting blimps and​ other fun things. They are really simple and​ are designed to​ get clicks more than repeat business, as​ the​ games are ads, but on a​ web site, similar games would get visitors come back.

Contests are great for​ web promotion and​ brining people back to​ web sites. People who enter the​ contest you may sponsor will want to​ come back to​ see if​ they won. Also, if​ it​ is​ a​ user submittal contest, people will want to​ come back to​ see the​ winning entries - especially if​ they have won! You may even get people sending word of​ your contest to​ their friends. Viral marketing, where friends tell friends and​ so on, is​ extremely effective.

Message boards can become a​ second home for​ some people. if​ you have an​ active board, people will come to​ your web site just to​ see what people have posted.

Regardless of​ your choice, just make sure you give them a​ reason to​ come back.

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