Increase Web Site Traffic And Your Search Engine Rankings

In this article You'll Learn How you can Increase web site traffic at​ your site. This article will assume you understand Search Engine optimization terms (SEO). Over the​ last few years, search engine optimization (SEO) has been needed and​ used more and​ more, although it​ has been around for​ much longer than most people think.

We'll be discussing SEO techniques and​ other Free/Paid methods to​ generate Traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1. On Page Optimization:

Though these days, on page optimization will not help you much, But still it​ is​ important for​ any website to​ rank high.

Meta tags, keywords, descriptions, and​ titles. They’re all important elements, even if​ they’re not what will make or​ break your site – they’re just one part of​ your strategy. These elements need to​ be compelling and​ sprinkled with your keywords, as​ this will entice users to​ click through from the​ search results page to​ your website. It’s best to​ start off slowly, gradually adding things in​ as​ you learn.

The basics are Optimizing Title, Meta tags, H1 tags and​ optimizing Paragraphs with 3-5% of​ keyword density. You should also include outgoing links with proper keyword anchors.

Another thing most people forget is​ updating site content regularly. Search Engine loves Fresh and​ related content. You should be updating your site at​ least 2 times a​ week.

2. Off Page optimization:

There are many ways you can optimize your site with off page optimization methods. We'll be discussing Press Release and​ Linking techniques

2a. Press Release:

Press release is​ one of​ the​ effective way to​ get noticed by media, plus an​ effective way to​ get noticed by Search Engines fast. You need to​ write an​ effective press release and​ distribute using any of​ the​ Press release Services like or​

Write a​ press release that can be termed as​ a​ news for​ press reporters. Ask Yourself before submitting your Release. is​ your news "newsworthy?" the​ purpose of​ a​ press release is​ to​ inform the​ world of​ your news item. Do not use your press release to​ try and​ make a​ sale. if​ your press release reads like an​ advertisement, rewrite it.

Best way to​ issue an​ effective press release is​ to​ Time it​ according to​ current affairs. Pick an​ angle to​ make your release more attractive.

Simple tips for​ an​ Effective press release.

Strong Headline : if​ your headline doesn’t entice news reporters then your efforts are going to​ waste. Your headline and​ first paragraph should tell the​ story.

Write for​ Media : Write in​ third person. Avoid Jargon, clichés and​ hype. if​ a​ reporter wants to​ add your release to​ the​ site or​ newspaper, he should be able to​ do it​ without minimal editing. Avoid clichés such as​ "customers save money" or​ "great customer service."

Another tip which I'd like to​ share with you is​ paying press release services to​ distribute your release to​ sites like Google news, Yahoo news. You can do it​ with minimum of​ 50$ expenditure. Another resource which I prefer to​ distribute my releases with is​

With this you'll be able to​ write an​ effective release and​ bring loads of​ free traffic to​ your site.

2b. Linking Techniques:

One Way Links:

Submitting Press releases is​ first step towards building long term plan for​ One way links. for​ one Way links I prefer to​ Buy a​ link on PR 6 website for​ one year or​ so. if​ you can find a​ site in​ your own niche, then you can bring traffic as​ well as​ get noticed by Search engines too.

Links Exchange:

Though You must have heard recently about Google ignoring sites who are exchanging links. This is​ far from truth. Remember, a​ link is​ a​ Link. if​ you are building links from related niche sites, Your position will increase. Every Link count, doesn't matter if​ you have some unrelated sites linking to​ you.

2c. Submitting Articles:

Submitting articles is​ just like a​ press release. if​ your article is​ not strong there is​ chance that it​ won't help you as​ you expect. Write down an​ article which people want to​ read, another "10 tips for​ weight loss" won't do you any good. Make sure you have at​ least 500 words article and​ submit it​ to​ sites like and​ .

Let us Summarize everything again in​ step by step of​ What procedures You should Do.

1. Build a​ Site with properly Optimized keywords and​ content.
2. Find One way Link Exchange as​ partners.
3. Issue a​ Press release to​ bring attention to​ your Site.
4. Submit articles to​ articles directories.
5. Work on Link exchange with related niche sites.
6. Update Your Site every week with new content.

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