Increase Internet Traffic

Increase Internet Traffic

Before the​ advent of​ the​ Internet, the​ world was divided into material haves and​ have-nots. the​ industrialized economy made sense of​ the​ division according to​ the​ wealth and​ the​ accessories one has. the​ last decade of​ the​ twentieth century ushered in​ the​ Internet revolution, which divided the​ world into digital haves and​ have-nots. the​ knowledge economy made sense of​ these terms as​ one realizes the​ key to​ prosperity is​ knowledge and​ information.

At the​ macro-economic level, more than three-quarters of​ the​ world population don’t have access to​ Internet. Lack of​ infrastructure such as​ telephone and​ lines, computers, and​ service providers are some of​ the​ important bottlenecks in​ implementing Internet. Policy decisions such as​ tariff regulation also contribute to​ the​ digital divide. Besides, the​ demographic profiles such as​ high level of​ illiteracy and​ lack of​ awareness play a​ role in​ enabling the​ Internet to​ reach the​ common public.

Internet traffic measures usage. the​ usage depends upon the​ number of​ hours utilized, number of​ individuals and​ entities, and​ the​ type of​ applications. All these factors are, in​ turn, determined by the​ cost of​ bandwidth and​ the​ speed of​ the​ Internet. the​ type of​ applications include emails, web surfing, and​ online purchases. Emails and​ web surfing may not take much time at​ an​ individual level. Online purchases depend upon the​ type of​ purchases.

E-commerce has the​ potential to​ take the​ Internet traffic on​ an​ increasing path. Most of​ the​ large corporations have an​ Internet presence in​ the​ form of​ websites, forums, and​ discussion boards. Still, e-commerce is​ still at​ a​ growing stage among the​ small and​ medium enterprises. the​ concerns of​ the​ online purchasers regarding the​ security features are being addressed, and​ this has enabled growth in​ online purchasing and​ has become a​ driver of​ Internet traffic.

Another driver for​ Internet traffic is​ the​ growing website traffic. to​ drive the​ website traffic, a​ whole industry must cater to​ the​ demands of​ online businesses. They include Internet marketers and​ search-engine consultants. There are a​ considerable number of​ strategies to​ increase the​ traffic to​ an​ individual website. Internet traffic growth depends upon market elasticity and​ technological factors.

Increase Internet Traffic

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