In Game Advertising Get Your Brand In The Game

In Game Advertising Get Your Brand In The Game

In-Game Advertising: Get Your Brand in​ the​ Game!
Looking for​ a​ new, innovative way to​ reach your target audience and​ increase brand awareness? In-game advertising may be the​ answer.
According to​ a​ Nielson Interactive Entertainment study conducted in​ the​ fall of​ 2018, television viewership among men ages 18-34 has declined 12 percent, while this same audience spent 20 percent more time with video games .​
As a​ result, this highly elusive male demographic has become increasingly difficult to​ reach, especially through traditional advertising mediums .​
With market segments turning from traditional media to​ new forms of​ electronic entertainment, it’s time for​ brands to​ get in​ the​ game – literally – if​ they want to​ continue capturing audience share.
Unlike television viewers, which tend to​ be more passive, video game players are focused and​ actively involved in​ the​ gaming experience .​
Constantly alert and​ responsive to​ every element on the​ screen, gamers are an​ intensely captive audience .​
Unlike television advertising, which is​ often dismissed or​ ignored by the​ audience, in-game advertising can actually enhance the​ realism of​ the​ game play, thereby creating a​ positive connection between brands and​ consumers.
Companies looking to​ integrate their brand or​ products in​ video games will find a​ wide range of​ target audience advertising opportunities, including:
- Dynamic ad placement — Dynamic ad placement allows for​ static and​ video-based ads to​ be positioned in​ console, PC and​ online games .​
With the​ advent of​ live online gaming, ads can now be tracked and​ evaluated, offering time-sensitive messaging and​ geographic targeting, which allows brands to​ maximize their exposure among their target audience.
- Product placement — Situation or​ plot placement integrates products into the​ active game play .​
For example, you might see a​ vending machine featuring a​ popular cola brand displayed prominently in​ a​ video game, where a​ player might drink a​ can of​ cola to​ power up before completing the​ next challenge.
- Advergaming — Advergames are interactive games developed specifically for​ a​ brand where the​ plot and​ game-play revolve around a​ featured product .​
Advergames are generally posted to​ a​ corporate Web site or​ distributed through online game channels for​ download.
In-game advertising is​ quickly becoming a​ mainstream medium for​ target audience advertising and​ is​ growing exponentially each year .​
Ad spending in​ video games totaled only about $75 million in​ 2018, but estimates have that figure rising to​ $1 billion by the​ end of​ the​ decade.
The future of​ in-game advertising is​ bright, and​ now is​ the​ time for​ brands to​ start playing.

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