Improving SEO With The Mini Net

Improving SEO With The Mini Net

A definition and examination of​ the​ notion of​ the​ mini-net and how Internet gurus recommend it​ like Michael Campbell as​ a​ way of​ improving your SEO.

Mini-net is​ just a​ buzz word coined by SEO guru Michael Campbell (who wrote a​ book called the​ Revenge of​ the​ Mininet) that means dynamic linking. Dynamic linking is​ a​ skill that is​ used by affiliate marketers to​ improve their search engine optimization and often cuts the​ actual time they spend at​ the​ computer by fifty percent.

In essence,​ creating a​ mini-net is​ about creating a​ network of​ tinier sites. These sites are linked together to​ create a​ mininet. the​ theory is​ that in​ terms of​ SEO the​ search engines find these smaller,​ dynamically linked sites to​ be more attractive then one large sprawling site. in​ a​ way you​ are creating an​ empire of​ links,​ even if​ those links are only linking back to​ your own sites. However the​ search engine spiders are supposed to​ be intrigued by these intricate online webs.

Campbell claims that this approach helps build your credibility with both the​ search engines and customers,​ makes your pages easier to​ search and allows you​ to​ efficiently employ keywords so that you​ attract customers as​ opposed to​ surfers to​ your site. it​ also teaches you​ how to​ tease individuals into clicking on​ your links and cloak your source code to​ prevent affiliate theft.

However adopting this type of​ SEO strategy is​ not for everybody and it​ is​ definitely not for newbies. First of​ all you​ have to​ be savvy about creating web pages,​ using an​ HTML editor and FTP software. you​ of​ course,​ have to​ be actively enrolled in​ an​ affiliate program and know how to​ paste affiliate traffic codes into your web site pages. This is​ not rocket science but being even just a​ little bit experienced at​ being a​ web master or​ web mistress helps with this. it​ is​ probably helpful to​ read up a​ bit on​ this topic before deploying it​ as​ an​ SEO strategy as​ it​ only takes one or​ two small flaws to​ cause the​ search engines to​ ignore your site.

Improving SEO With The Mini Net

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