Improved Search Engine Ranks Strategies

Improved Search Engine Ranks Strategies

SEO is​ a​ new animal. Many ask me if​ SEO is​ a​ new science or​ mathematical discipline. Absolutely not, SEO is​ an​ art. That’s why you have the​ same odds to​ be successful in​ SEO like me or​ like anyone else.

Yet, there are some improved search engine ranks strategies that you may use to​ get higher search engine ranks. I can not assure those strategies will always work but they may certainly help get into the​ big guys game. Let me describe a​ few of​ them:

1. “Links, links, links” – Even more important than the​ famous Donald Trumps’ “Location, location, location”.

You must set a​ network of​ as​ many quality links to​ your sites as​ you can get. What are those quality links, you ask?

Quality links are links to​ your website from other sites with a​ competitive key phrase in​ the​ hyper link text, linked to​ different pages in​ your web site from sites with high search engine ranks.
You can build links with many like strategies such as​ affiliate marketing, exchanging links, articles submitting and​ others.

2. BE natural – Search engines like natural behavior. the​ days of​ quick make money internet marketing cd are gone.

You will have to​ add pages and​ build links gradually and​ consistently. You must be patient to​ get higher search engine ranks.

3. Benchmark and​ audit – There is​ only one thing in​ common for​ all the​ SEO experts. They all learn from their mistakes. Each of​ them has his own techniques of​ auditing and​ benchmarking.

You could never stop researching and​ developing. Indeed, the​ internet market is​ almost endless. Yet, so is​ the​ number of​ potential competitors.

Personally, I have a​ set of​ auditing, researching and​ developing actions I do each month for​ each of​ my sites. Surprisingly, it​ works.

Finally, you may use some tools to​ make things easier for​ you – from meta tags optimization services to​ article submitting services. Yet, those services cost money. I suggest you start doing the​ hard work by your self and​ slowly outsource some of​ the​ work. Good luck.

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