Improve Your Ballet The Ballet Bible Review

Improve Your Ballet The Ballet Bible Review

Becoming a​ ballet dancer can be difficult. it​ is​ not something that can be learned overnight, nor can it​ be mastered in​ a​ few months. Taking ballet classes is​ imperative to​ learn the proper techniques necessary to​ become a​ truly magical ballet dancer whose every move and step personify grace and beauty.

As a​ resource for beginning through advanced ballet students, The Complete Ballet Bible Package written by Anita Leembruggen, reinforces what students learn in​ class. It's like having your own private tutor at​ home.

Broken into three components, ebook, audio and ballet dance videos, these user friendly formats allow you to​ navigate through every ballet exercise with ease.

Part 1 - titled "The 3 Simple Rules of​ a​ Prima Ballerina" is​ a​ PDF ebook with over 200 pages of​ text and detailed pictures. This guide not only shows you how to​ do a​ movement or​ gesture correctly, but shows you how most dancers do it​ incorrectly, and tells you WHY. No other book I have ever read shows you this. I feel this is​ a​ fundamental aspect to​ learning.

Part 2 - titled "Audio Terms and Definitions" is​ a​ audio software package that allows you to​ find any ballet term and learn its meaning. For each exercise, step, position, and/or pose, a​ simple point and click allows you to​ do any of​ the following: Scroll through the whole list of​ terms. Find specific terms. Learn the correct French accents for specific terms. Click a​ button to​ hear each term sounded out for you with clear and concise definitions and a​ visible pronunciation guide.

Part 3 - titled "Video Demonstrations" is​ a​ collection of​ over 60 videos on ballet technique. if​ you are a​ visual learner like myself this is​ a​ real benefit. Being able to​ watch how to​ correctly perform a​ Ballonce or​ Entrachat Quatre whenever you like, and as​ many times as​ you like, is​ an​ excellent method to​ reinforce proper technique.

All in​ all the The Complete Ballet Bible Package is​ unlike anything else I could find on the market. it​ is​ a​ flexible online teaching tool that provides you with a​ visual model of​ ballet steps, exercises, and principles typically taught only in​ an​ educational setting.

Improve Your Ballet The Ballet Bible Review

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