Important Things You Need To Know About Puppies And The Dog Training Basics

Important Things You Need To Know About Puppies And The Dog Training

The excitement of​ choosing your dog is​ over. you​ are arriving home and the​ family is​ rushing out of​ the​ car and into the​ house with the​ new puppy. as​ you​ look at​ the​ cute little face you​ ask yourself one question. Am I ready for this?

What to​ Feed This New Puppy.

First things first. you​ will have to​ decide on​ what this little puppy is​ going to​ eat. you​ need to​ choose a​ high quality diet. you​ need to​ do a​ little reasearch and make some decisions. Your first decision is​ what type of​ dog food you​ will choose.

1. Canned Dog Food
2. Dried Dog Food

Some people choose canned dog food because they feel it​ is​ more like real food. it​ retains about 70-80% of​ the​ water that is​ naturally in​ the​ vegetables and meat. This usually means that the​ puppy will drink less water. Be sure to​ supplement with some hard dog biscuits that are suitable for puppies which will help to​ keep their teeth clean.

Currently the​ most popular choice seems to​ be the​ dried dog food. Always choose the​ best quality food you​ can afford. you​ have to​ remember that if​ you​ were only going to​ eat one thing all your life it​ had better be good for you. Dried dog food is​ now a​ scientific blend of​ all the​ nutrients your dog will need but the​ better ones have less filler and the​ puppies need a​ lot of​ protein to​ grow.

For the​ first few days you​ might want to​ give the​ new puppy that same food that they were receiving at​ the​ kennel you​ bought them from. After that you​ can slowly start mixing in​ your new choice,​ using more each time until you​ have 100% of​ the​ new food. you​ may as​ well start with some dog training basics now by not leaving the​ food on​ the​ floor all day. Only put the​ food out when you​ decide and take it​ away after they have eaten. Do it​ often as​ they have to​ learn that food is​ only available when you​ decide.

Sleep Time Comes Fast.

Hopefully you​ have thought ahead enough to​ buy a​ crate. Get your puppy started sleeping in​ the​ crate from the​ first night and it​ will eventually treat it​ as​ a​ safe place to​ stay. Make sure that the​ bottom has a​ soft blanket for the​ puppy to​ curl up in. Unfortunately if​ you​ think that's the​ end of​ it​ for the​ night,​ you​ are wrong. as​ you​ try to​ sleep you​ will be constantly woken by the​ sad little cries of​ a​ puppy missing its mother and siblings. They are used to​ lots of​ warmth and noise so it​ might be a​ good idea to​ add a​ hot water bottle under the​ blanket and to​ leave a​ radio or​ TV on​ for a​ while. Some people even leave a​ loud ticking clock near the​ cage to​ simulate the​ heart beat of​ the​ mother.

Who is​ Entertaining Whom?

You will soon realize that your puppy is​ not just entertaining but also needs to​ be entertained. you​ should have a​ selection of​ safe toys for them to​ play with such as:-

- Chew Ropes,​
- Balls and Bones of​ Nylon
- Soft Toys

Make sure to​ be careful of​ the​ squeaky toys as​ the​ puppy could chew the​ toy and swallow the​ squeaker. This has often ended in​ surgery and even if​ it​ doesn't the​ squeaking will drive you​ insane as​ they catch on​ pretty quickly on​ how to​ bite in​ exactly the​ right spot. Only let them play with rubber balls if​ you​ are supervising as​ swallowed rubber can upset their stomachs.

Start With Dog Training Basics

A crate is​ useful training tool both for house training and puppy behavior in​ general. Treat it​ as​ you​ would a​ childs bedroom. it​ is​ a​ safe comfortable place to​ sleep but occasionally they will be sent there when naughty.

You should begin your dog training basics by putting your puppy in​ its crate any time you​ need to​ leave them unsupervised in​ the​ house,​ or​ at​ night. This gets them used to​ it​ and they will often go there on​ their own when they want to​ get away from people. They will cry at​ first but do not let them out right away. if​ you​ do they will quickly learn that all they have to​ do is​ whine and you​ will let them out.

There will come a​ time when you​ need to​ discipline your puppy. you​ should never hit your puppy or​ raise your voice. you​ can use the​ crate as​ a​ time-out place. This is​ useful if​ your puppy is​ play biting too much or​ if​ you​ have caught them chewing the​ furniture. Make sure that the​ punishment instantly follows the​ bad behavior or​ they will not know what they are in​ there for. Put them in​ quickly with a​ firm,​ No,​ and leave them in​ there for a​ few minutes. if​ you​ have to​ repeat it​ then increase the​ minutes until you​ get the​ action to​ stop. This one tool will give you​ some control and get you​ started on​ the​ dog training basics you​ will need.

Important Things You Need To Know About Puppies And The Dog Training

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