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Many believe that they can become a​ writer if​ they were given the chance. However, it​ is​ not as​ easy as​ some people would like to​ believe to​ be a​ writer. For the most part the life of​ a​ writer is​ difficult and stressful. Getting noticed by the publishing community is​ nearly impossible and your book must be prolific and unique to​ even shake a​ possible publishing deal from an​ agent.

The main problem that people have when they begin writing is​ the fact that they do not know where to​ start. This is​ very common among new writers as​ the process of​ writing can be confusing to​ those that have never attempted it​ before. This is​ why there are now so many places that offer writers resources in​ an​ attempt to​ garner the hope for the next generation of​ authors to​ hit the world’s bookshelves. These places hope they can foster the dream of​ writing for many people and bring about the best in​ the new literature that will be available to​ the next generation.

If you are considering a​ career change to​ author then it​ is​ best to​ start out small. Before tackling a​ novel, which can take years to​ complete, try the short story market. For all intents and purposes a​ short story is​ nothing more than a​ very short novel and gives a​ new writer the ability to​ get their feet wet. Learning to​ create interesting characters and plots is​ all part of​ the game. For this it​ is​ best to​ join a​ short fiction forum. a​ short fiction forum is​ a​ discussion area for writers of​ all walks of​ life. New and old gather to​ discuss the in​ and outs of​ writing short fiction. Most often you will find that there are places to​ have your work critiqued and also get some helpful suggestions on things like endings and plot structure.

Another valuable resource for writers is​ the new software that has hit the market. With writers in​ mind many software designers have brought out programs that help the writer to​ organize ideas, create plots and also manage the characters involved in​ the story. The programs are very easy to​ use and offer the new writer a​ chance to​ keep everything straight and they are far superior to​ the standard word processing programs. There is​ much value in​ software packages like these especially for the new writer. The best part is​ that many of​ them are free and can be downloaded right from the internet.

There are many resources available to​ writers the world over and they are easy to​ find. The many websites that are dedicated to​ writers and writing are invaluable tools in​ helping the new author learn the craft.

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