Important Golf Equipment

Important Golf Equipment

Golf is​ an​ expensive sport, or​ so it​ is​ known to​ be. the​ golf equipment is​ very costly when you want to​ purchase a​ new set of​ all the​ items. Cheaper solution can be found when you prefer to​ buy pre-used articles at​ relatively lower prices. However, even these articles are of​ good quality.

A wide range of​ golf products are available in​ the​ market today. it​ only leads to​ confusion in​ the​ mind of​ the​ buyer. Only the​ experienced professionals or​ regular players are the​ ones who can pick what kind of​ equipment they require. Normal people usually assume that the​ most costly equipment in​ the​ market is​ of​ the​ best quality. This statement is​ however only partly true. There is​ no fixed relation between quality and​ price. While a​ few products of​ high cost may be of​ good quality, there is​ no reason to​ believe that all the​ low and​ medium cost items are of​ bad quality.

We shall now try to​ analyze the​ different types of​ golf products and​ see which ones are the​ best.

Golf Clubs

These are the​ most important of​ all the​ golf equipment. People say that an​ expert golfer can play all his shots with a​ single club, just by modifying the​ power and​ direction of​ the​ swing. Two persons may require a​ different type of​ golf club for​ the​ same shot. Hence, the​ requirement of​ golf club varies from person to​ person.

Golf clubs are of​ four types- woods, hybrids, irons, and​ putters.

Wooden clubs have the​ longest shafts of​ all and​ large spherical shape heads. These are often referred to​ as​ drivers.

Iron clubs are slightly shorter than the​ wooden ones and​ require a​ lesser degree of​ precision than wooden ones.

Wedge clubs have a​ loft angle greater than 44°. These are also made of​ iron.

Putters are clubs with very short shafts. These are used for​ delicate touches or​ finishes.

Golf balls

The second most important item of​ your golf equipment is​ the​ golf ball. No play is​ possible without a​ golf club and​ ball. These balls are made of​ synthetic materials and​ are about 42.67mm in​ diameter. There are a​ number of​ dimples present on the​ golf balls.

These dimples have a​ very important task to​ play. They affect the​ trajectory, spin and​ feel of​ the​ golf balls.

Other important golf equipment comprises of​ Golf Bags, Golf Carts, Golf Cleats, Golf Tees, and​ Golf Ball markers.

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