Importance Of Reading

Importance Of Reading

What is​ the best way to​ spend free time? There can be so many different answers to​ this question. That depends on the preferences of​ a​ person. if​ you are lively and active, you may spend time outdoors or​ doing sports, if​ you are sociable, you may enjoy holding a​ party and communicating with various interesting celebrities. Some of​ us get so tired of​ the noise than wait till a​ nice evening to​ tackle in​ and read a​ nice book to​ relax or​ to​ learn something new or​ to​ get to​ the new world of​ wonders and travel in​ it, forgetting about the reality.

But these are only some of​ us. What about those, who detest even the appearance of​ the book and assure that they are allergic to​ its smell? There are a​ lot of​ other ways to​ get educated and to​ entertain oneself, but nothing can substitute reading. if​ to​ try, it​ can be much fun. For instance, it​ is​ very useful to​ read books to​ little children, almost infants, that way they get used to​ your voice and the manner of​ talking and you’ll practice and read whatever is​ interesting to​ you. Some of​ the dislikes are closely connected with the not carefully planned school program in​ literature. Sometimes we can see such books there that should not be read by students of​ such age. I’m quite sure that it​ is​ useless for a​ fifth grader to​ read Kafka’s “Plague” and same, study “Odyssey” during the first college year. What the system needs is​ a​ careful planning. Here everything has to​ be taken into consideration; starting from the reports at​ the seminars and finishing with the careful examination of​ the last literature essay. of​ course, sometimes it​ may be easy to​ find something else to​ do than to​ read a​ boring book, but this is​ what makes you educated and intelligent in​ eyes of​ others.

It will be very ungrateful of​ us to​ ignore the inheritage we have. I mean thousands, millions of​ masterpieces waiting to​ be taken and read at​ once and than discussed in​ a​ close circle of​ friends. But one has to​ be really picky about what to​ read. Just like with movies, there are some books that can’t be read at​ certain age and certain life orientations. I guess, it​ is​ unnecessary to​ present the examples, because they are numerous. Serious matters read at​ a​ young age influence the process of​ building of​ a​ personality greatly. it​ is​ certain that a​ book about demonology in​ hands of​ a​ teenager will do no good. There is​ no need to​ forbid sales of​ such books, it’s impossible. What we really have to​ do is​ to​ create an​ attentive, grateful and interested reader, by bringing him up with the help of​ necessary literature. an​ excellent essay paper of​ such a​ reader is​ a​ big credit to​ the creator of​ a​ masterpiece, which the reader admires. Reading different books of​ different styles widens our outlook and gives more opportunities to​ make a​ success. an​ intelligent phrase that you’ve read up in​ some good book, thrown by you during a​ heated argument, will definitely make the odds even. So read with pleasure and enjoy what you’re doing!

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