Importance Of Linking Building For SEO

Importance Of Linking Building For SEO

The easiest way of​ improving your ranking in​ the​ search engines is​ to​ let them know that your site is​ important. How do you​ do that? Well,​ the​ best way is​ through the​ process of​ link building. Link building is​ the​ practice of​ encouraging other websites to​ link to​ your own website. if​ other websites are linking to​ your website,​ your “link popularity” will increase,​ search engines will deem your website important,​ and in​ turn,​ you​ should receive more traffic. Link building is​ a​ time consuming task,​ and it​ is​ for this reason that most all websites rank so poorly in​ the​ search engines. Many website owners are unaware that link popularity can have such an​ effect on​ their search engine rankings. This is​ good new for you. Start building your links now and establish your “web cred”.

Importance of​ Page Rank

Google,​ the​ Internet’s most popular search engine,​ measures a​ website’s link popularity through the​ use of​ Page Rank. to​ view a​ website’s Page Rank,​ just download the​ Google Toolbar. the​ toolbar will display the​ Page Rank of​ every website you​ visit,​ measured as​ a​ little green bar. a​ website’s Page Rank can vary from a​ low of​ zero to​ a​ high of​ 10. Don’t worry if​ your website has a​ low,​ or​ no Page Rank. Many websites only have a​ Page Rank of​ 1 or​ 2,​ but the​ Internet’s most popular websites possess a​ Page Rank of​ 8 or​ 9.

Quality Counts

Search engines are not just looking for the​ number of​ links that point to​ a​ website. the​ most important aspect of​ the​ process is​ obtaining quality links. Quality links are links from website that possess a​ high Page Rank. Obtaining a​ link from a​ website with a​ high Page Rank is​ best,​ although any site with 1 or​ above is​ beneficial. Search engines also consider the​ theme of​ a​ website which links to​ you. it​ is​ best to​ get links from websites that are associated with the​ industry in​ which you​ do business. For example,​ my trade is​ website design; therefore,​ I work to​ obtain the​ majority of​ my links from other web design related websites.

Getting Links

One of​ the​ best ways to​ advance your link popularity is​ to​ offer quality and informative content to​ your visitors and hope for natural links. if​ they find the​ information interesting enough,​ they will naturally link their website to​ your own.

Directory submissions are probably the​ fastest and easiest way to​ obtain some inbound links. But,​ because Internet directories link to​ thousands of​ other websites,​ the​ value that they can add to​ your Page Rank gets diluted by all the​ other links. the​ one must-submit-to directory is​ the​ Open Project Directory ( After this,​ it​ is​ best to​ search for smaller niche or​ local directories. Submitting your website to​ Canadian,​ Ontario,​ and even Windsor web directories will help let the​ search engines know which region(s) you​ are servicing. Then,​ you​ should submit to​ industry related directories to​ indicate to​ the​ search engines your line of​ business. a​ Google search can help you​ find these types of​ directories.

If you​ feel that you​ have a​ knack for writing,​ a​ good way to​ generate inbound links to​ your website is​ to​ write articles. These articles can then be submitted to​ article syndication websites,​ where other webmasters are free to​ use your article on​ their website. But,​ there’s a​ catch – they must provide a​ link back to​ your website in​ return for using the​ article. if​ you​ don’t have the​ time or​ drive to​ write an​ article,​ but you​ participate in​ an​ industry related discussion forum,​ you’re in​ luck. Just remember to​ include a​ link to​ your website in​ your signature.

The last way to​ generate quality inbound links is​ through reciprocal linking. This type of​ strategy involves contacting other webmasters and proposing a​ link exchange. Find some non-competitive,​ but related websites and simply e-mail them to​ see if​ they are interested. It’s best to​ already have their link on​ a​ page in​ your website before the​ proposition.

Linking Text is​ Important

When employing any of​ the​ above linking approaches,​ it​ is​ imperative that you​ try to​ use targeted key words as​ part your link. the​ search engines read this text to​ determine what your website is​ all about. if​ your website involves “Red Widgets”,​ try to​ use this as​ part of​ your link text.


Link popularity is​ very important when attempting to​ rank well in​ the​ search engines. Link analysis is​ only going to​ get more important to​ search engines,​ not less.

This type of​ strategy is​ resistant to​ manipulation and justifiable way to​ measure a​ website’s importance. Therefore,​ the​ link building process must be given high priority in​ your Internet marketing efforts,​ and since it​ takes time,​ the​ sooner you​ begin the​ better.

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