Importance Of Genuine SEO Techniques

There are some methods of​ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you​ should follow for your website. SEO is​ very important for all websites out there in​ the​ WWW. Without SEO techniques,​ which are genuine,​ you​ cannot get your website to​ be known,​ and get any profit from it.

1. Content is​ King: Every search engine,​ Google included,​ looks for only the​ content. Content is​ the​ most important thing to​ rank high in​ search engines. Without content,​ your site is​ just another site,​ without much importance. So create good genuine content.
2. Build links: Building links is​ utmost important just as​ content. For this,​ there are several methods. One such method is​ writing to​ the​ related Webmasters and letting them know of​ your site’s existence. if​ they believe that your site has some content,​ which is​ linkable,​ they will definitely link to​ your content. Maybe some reciprocal linking is​ required. in​ that case,​ you​ can negotiate with the​ webmaster and ask them about the​ reciprocal.
3. No one can guarantee number one in​ search engines: Google is​ the​ most important search engine out there,​ and even Google top employees cannot guarantee your number one position in​ Google search. it​ is​ the​ result of​ your hard work and genuine SEO link building that will position you​ at​ the​ top of​ the​ search results. Otherwise,​ you​ cannot just get to​ the​ top of​ any search engines.
4. Link building yourself is​ better than consulting: you​ may promote your blog with genuine SEO,​ and that will rank your site higher than any SEO firm can do. So,​ it​ is​ extremely important that you​ do it​ yourself. Set apart some time in​ your daily schedule to​ build links with any niche blogs you​ know of. Also,​ ask your friends who have blogs themselves in​ the​ same subject to​ link into your site.
5. Do not trust blackhat SEO firms: Blackhat SEO techniques are those,​ which do not do genuine SEO but go by such methods as​ doorway pages,​ invisible text,​ keyword stuffing,​ etc. SEO should be done through Whitehat methods only. Otherwise,​ you​ may be permanently banned by search engines.
6. Do not do reckless link buildings: if​ your blog is​ two days old and has 1200 incoming links,​ then Google will ban you​ on​ the​ third day. So,​ reckless link building is​ equal to​ link spamming. Do not do that.

These and more of​ the​ techniques to​ do good SEO are available in​ the​ resources mentioned below. SEO is​ a​ very important technique to​ get your site to​ the​ top of​ search engines,​ thereby building your brand,​ getting sales,​ and profit. So,​ genuine natural SEO technique is​ extremely important for the​ success of​ a​ website.

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