Importance Of The Custom Company Logo Design

Importance of​ the Custom Company Logo Design
When you starting a​ company you are thinking on how to​ cut expenses .​
One of​ such options to​ cut the startup costs is​ a​ company logo design .​
But is​ it​ good idea to​ order a​ cheap logo or​ work without company logo at​ all?
Logo represents company’s identity .​
First impression is​ made by logo or​ its absence .​
To know the importance of​ a​ logo just answer one question: How many big, leading and famous companies don’t have logos? If you company doesn’t have a​ logo this can raise doubts and negative thoughts .​
If logo was made by non-professional designer or​ made by owner of​ the company it​ is​ sometimes worse than no logo at​ all.
One of​ the popular questions is​ – why my logo should be custom? If logo is​ created with the use of​ a​ clipart (premade graphic elements from the public collections) it​ may look like or​ be identical to​ other logos and even your competitors’ logos .​
This will make identification of​ your company difficult or​ your logo may be easily mixed up with logo of​ another company .​
This situation may harm your reputation and money invested in​ marketing of​ your brand will be wasted .​
Good company logo reflects the main point of​ your company, its values and helps in​ successful development of​ the business .​
Also, it​ is​ important to​ distinguish the logo design for big companies and start-ups .​
Logo for the big company may consist only of​ a​ one graphic element (Nike swoosh) and it​ will be easily identifiable but for small company such logo is​ a​ bad idea because you will need to​ spent huge amounts of​ money to​ promote it.
When owner of​ the company decides to​ create logo himself results are rarely look professional .​
Results of​ his work may serve as​ concept for a​ new logo but not as​ logo .​
To create a​ successful logo you need more than Photoshop and tutorial from the internet .​
You need to​ have knowledge of​ the basics of​ design at​ least; you need to​ have experience in​ logo design .​
Bad logo is​ worse than no logo.
Company logo is​ one of​ the must have attributes of​ the successful business .​
High-quality business card may tell a​ lot about its owner as​ well as​ a​ bad one .​
Let’s sum up .​
Logo should be custom and designed by a​ professional logo designer .​
You'll never have a​ second chance to​ make a​ good first impression .​
You have just a​ few seconds to​ attract the attention and to​ make first impression .​
In many ways first impression depends on your logo .​
Successful marketing of​ your business starts with a​ successful corporate identity.

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