Image Editing For Web Designers

Image Editing For Web Designers

Image Editing for​ Web Designers
Professional image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or​ CorelDraw are perfect when you are deep into picture editing .​
Digital photo enthusiasts and​ professional artists enjoy some of​ the​ features offered by these and​ similar products .​
But what if​ your needs are different? if​ you are a​ Web designer, you mostly need to​ create small images: buttons, navigation, menu items, banners and​ backgrounds .​
These images are so small that you need to​ pay close attention to​ every pixel, but don't need photographic-quality color profiles or​ 3D color spaces .​
So why paying hundreds of​ dollars for​ a​ tool that you won't utilize even a​ little bit, and​ why wasting your own time learning these complex tools while you're not going to​ use most of​ the​ features anyways?

Get a​ dedicated small-image editor for​ your Web graphics! IconLover is​ a​ perfect tool for​ making buttons and​ banners, creating navigation and​ backgrounds .​
Create and​ edit icons and​ cursors, extract icons from icon libraries and​ executable files, draw shapes of​ any form and​ complexity with powerful translucency and​ shadow effects with the​ perfect gif editor!

IconLover is​ a​ perfect gif editor for​ drawing small, Web-based images .​
Create buttons with drop shadow, make buttons with variable opacity, apply smoothing, negative, grayscale, and​ colorization effects to​ your Web graphics, rotate, roll, and​ mirror your images with IconLover.

IconLover saves your Web graphics in​ ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and​ Adobe Photoshop PSD image formats .​
Make gif buttons with shadow effects, draw translucent hovering menus, apply smooth gradients and​ stunning visual effects to​ the​ smallest graphics - all within one inexpensive, easy-to-use tool!

IconLover sits right in​ the​ middle of​ image editor crowd .​
Not as​ monstrous or​ expensive as​ Adobe Photoshop, and​ not as​ deliberately simplistic as​ Microsoft Paint, IconLover fits as​ a​ perfect gif editor for​ Web masters .​
There's no better way to​ create buttons and​ make banners for​ the​ Web than IconLover!

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