Illinois Skydiving And Extreme Sports Centers

Illinois Skydiving And Extreme Sports Centers

Detailed information of​ the​ facilities and​ opportunities for​ tandem jumps at​ Chicago’s extreme sports centers.

Imagine a​ minute of​ freefall followed by 5-7 minutes of​ smooth canopy descent. the​ thrill of​ flight without having to​ worry about anything is​ what tandem jumps are all about. Tandem jumps for​ beginners and​ for​ experienced jumpers are available in​ Chicago’s extreme sports centers. Also available are accelerated free fall (AFF) programs. These centers offer patrons a​ chance of​ a​ lifetime and​ allow them an​ opportunity to​ take up skydiving seriously.

Tandem Jumps and​ AFF at​ Skydive Space Center

The Skydive Space Center at​ 476 N. Williams Dr. Titusville and​ Skydive Jacksonville at​ 9300 Normandy Blvd. Herlong Airport. Jacksonville offers tandem jumps and​ AFF. They are proud to​ offer Florida’s highest tandem jumps. After a​ quick training and​ safety program you will be all set to​ do a​ tandem jump with a​ licensed jumpmaster. During your jump enjoy the​ wonderful view of​ the​ Atlantic Ocean. the​ Kennedy Space Center. the​ Indian River and​ many other sights from a​ bird’s eye view. You and​ your jumpmaster will wear a​ dual harness assembly and​ prepare for​ an​ experience of​ a​ lifetime. the​ square parachutes used make the​ descent and​ landing smooth and​ comfortable. it​ is​ a​ great idea to​ have your jump taped so that you can share the​ thrill of​ skydiving over and​ over again with friends and​ family. the​ pricing for​ the​ Titusville Center is​ $199 per person up to​ 18.000 ft. and​ $169 up to​ 15.000 ft. Group concessions are available and​ a​ group of​ 8+ would pay $149 per person for​ a​ jump from 15.000 ft. for​ people who want to​ learn to​ jump solo a​ complete course in​ AFF costs $1290 and​ takes you through a​ progressive course in​ skydiving until you are ready to​ jump alone. Facilities available at​ Jacksonville include a​ spacious hangar and​ a​ drop zone that is​ open seven days a​ week. the​ price of​ a​ tandem skydive is​ $175 per person and​ for​ groups of​ 5+ the​ costs would go down to​ $150 per jumper. an​ AFF course costs $1290.

Skydive Chicago

Do you want to​ experience the​ wonderful feeling of​ flying for​ a​ few seconds when you feel free and​ liberated? Then consider jumping with Skydive Chicago. Their tandem jumps are for​ all above the​ age of​ 18 years and​ in​ good medical condition. Also on offer is​ an​ 18-stage AFF program that is​ comprehensive and​ gives you the​ training and​ confidence to​ skydive by yourself.

Jumps and​ Much More

Skydive Chicago at​ 3215 East 1969th Road Ottawa. Illinois not only offers its patrons tandem jumps and​ advanced free fall but also a​ chance at​ camping. canoeing. horseback riding and​ lots more. it​ is​ a​ great place to​ visit with friends and​ family and​ make a​ great weekend of​ the​ whole experience. Reservations need to​ be made at​ least 1-3 weeks in​ advance for​ small groups and​ 2-8 weeks for​ larger ones. a​ $50 non-refundable deposit per person needs to​ be sent in​ at​ least 2 weeks before your tandem jump. the​ pricing is​ $199 for​ the​ first tandem jump and​ if​ you pay on the​ same day then the​ second jump will cost you only $99 and​ can be done any time before the​ next year. for​ groups of​ 30+ the​ costs will come down to​ $159 per person.

Illinois Skydiving And Extreme Sports Centers

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