Illegal And Violent Teen Fight Club Videos Are Becoming More Popular

Illegal And Violent Teen Fight Club Videos Are Becoming More Popular Online

Fight club videos are aplenty in​ the​ market. You can find all sorts, starting from protected boxing fights, kick boxing to​ one to​ one bare fisted fights. But one very alarming prospect is​ the​ number of​ teen videos, some as​ young as​ 11 to​ 12 years old fight clubs, swearing and​ kicking each other like mad! Yes these types of​ illegal and​ violent teen fight clubs are around everywhere, all going heatedly behind the​ backs of​ their parents and​ authorities.

Police forces has in​ fact arrested many of​ the​ teens involved in​ illegal fight clubs, and​ the​ videos that they have collected through these arrests show how violent they can get and​ how much they crave these type of​ ugly fights. Videos show youngsters punching each other with bare knuckles outside the​ school yards. Like the​ movies, they even name their real-life fights videos, passing them one after another in​ secrecy. These extreme sports have cropped up every where and​ its fast catching up on the​ teens.

As a​ matter of​ fact, authorities in​ Texas, New Jersey, Washington state and​ Alaska has caught several teen fight rings operating for​ fun and​ yes, for​ profit too. These illegal, violent, not to​ mention bloody bouts pit boys and​ girls have fist to​ fist combat. Well this is​ not all. These staged fights are recorded by the​ ring leaders with video or​ cell cameras, and​ then peddle homemade DVDs on the​ Internet or​ posted on popular teen websites.

All these violent videos are no fake ones; they are real. the​ videos comprise of​ bare-knuckle boxing matches to​ rough gang assaults where the​ teens stomp powerless victims who are clearly not ready to​ fight. They are very savage and​ callous, and​ the​ lack of​ morality is​ rampant! Well not only this, many of​ these teens involved in​ the​ illegal underground fight clubs are not juvenile criminals but simple suburban high school kids.

What the​ school going teens do is​ organize the​ fights, at​ times handing out fliers advertising them, the​ young audience pay the​ admission fee and​ start the​ fight, videotaping all these. and​ yes, all these are happening not only in​ the​ poor neighborhoods but everywhere. These kids are not content with just the​ violent video games; no they long for​ the​ REAL fights! These fantasies of​ violence and​ danger to​ life are offered by the​ fight clubs, and​ here they can become a​ star overnight through the​ secretive video!

Many of​ these violent videos are taped even in​ broad day light where punching, kicking and​ stomping each other vigorously are the​ aim. These teens are also even more excited as​ its illegal and​ the​ criminal side to​ it​ makes them go for​ these fight club even more without realizing the​ consequences. in​ these videos you will see plenty of​ teens cheering on the​ fighters, snapping pictures, with scattered schoolbooks on the​ lawns. Some are even taped knocked unconscious, injured youngsters dragged out leaving bloody smears on curbs. Some also pay teens a​ few bucks to​ fight or​ attack others which are all filmed eagerly. These violent and​ destructive videos of​ teens engaged in​ fight clubs are ever on the​ rise, and​ the​ bloody scenes in​ the​ movies are brought to​ reality.

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