Iggy Discovers Usb Networking

Iggy Discovers Usb Networking

Iggy Discovers USB Networking
My new laptop is​ fantastic, with it's nice new squeaky-clean operating system it​ runs like a​ dream .​
But it​ wasn't long before I​ had to​ face the​ technical challenge of​ getting all my old data from my old desktop computer (which was bursting at​ the​ seams with data!) onto my new laptop.
I was also intending to​ format and​ give away my old computer, so I​ could not afford to​ lose any of​ this data in​ the​ process.
I sat down at​ my old computer and​ listed all of​ my important files to​ assess exactly what and​ how much data I​ needed to​ transfer over to​ the​ new laptop .​
Including my pictures, MP3's, Office documents, work backup's and​ so on, I​ was looking at​ transferring about 20 Gigabytes worth of​ data, it​ seems to​ build up so quickly! Thank goodness for​ my new laptop's 100 Gigabyte Hard Drive, which will allow me to​ transfer all of​ my data to​ it​ and​ still have room for​ a​ lot more .​
I​ know that the​ main application programmes (Word, Excel and​ so on) from my old computer will all have to​ be reinstalled on to​ the​ new laptop from their original install disks, but how do I​ get all the​ rest of​ the​ data over to​ the​ new laptop?
Floppy disk? - no way, even if​ my laptop had a​ floppy disk drive I​ would need about 14,000 disks!
CD or​ DVD? - Both my new laptop and​ my old computer have CD ROM drives, to​ get all my data over using CD's I​ would need about 30 disks as​ well as​ some software to​ package all the​ data up nice and​ tidily across the​ 30 disks, viable but a​ lot of​ work and​ time needed .​
DVD's would be better but my old computer does not have a​ DVD drive! There must be an​ easier way.
USB Memory Stick? - Not really a​ viable option, the​ maximum capacity of​ the​ USB Memory Stick that I​ can afford is​ 512MB, so this would require about 40 swaps from the​ old computer to​ the​ new and​ as​ my old computer is​ only USB1.1 which transfers at​ 1.5 mega bytes this process is​ going to​ be possible but really slow.
Networking? - Apparently I​ could network my two machines together with a​ Cross Wired Network lead and​ a​ copy of​ Networking Computers for​ Dummies, but unfortunately my old dinosaur of​ a​ computer does not have a​ network card! Network cards are cheap enough but I​ still don't want to​ spend any money on this old computer and​ really don't fancy fiddling around inside the​ desktop .​
Although it​ does sound good to​ be able to​ connect the​ two computers together and​ transfer the​ data through the​ cable.
This is​ when I​ came across a​ very handy cable called a​ USB Data Link Cable .​
Apparently I​ can just plug one end into the​ USB port on my old PC and​ the​ other end into the​ USB port on my new laptop and​ then as​ if​ by magic, I​ should have a​ USB Network between both computers .​
Now this sounds more like it! Both my computers have USB ports and​ even though my old computer is​ USB1.1 and​ my new laptop is​ USB2.0 the​ cable should work anyway, although the​ transfer rate will only be at​ the​ lower USB1.1 speed.
After finding more about this cable on the​ Internet I​ found out that it​ is​ also known as​ a​ USB File/Data Transfer Cable .​
Once connected, the​ transfer of​ data is​ done quickly and​ effortlessly by simply dragging and​ dropping files from one window to​ another, just as​ you normally would when moving files around on your system .​
So I​ ordered one online right away.
The USB Data Transfer Cable arrived the​ next day and​ I​ got down to​ the​ business of​ getting the​ thing to​ work, the​ hardest part was working out the​ blatantly translated instructions .​
All I​ had to​ do was install the​ included software from the​ CD, once only on each of​ my computers, then plug the​ cable into a​ USB port on each computer and​ run the​ software .​
Two Windows Explorer type windows appeared, one showing files on the​ laptop and​ the​ other showing files on the​ PC, then I​ simply dragged and​ dropped files between the​ two computers.
I was amazed, this USB cable solution was fantastic .​
It was so easy to​ set up and​ turned out to​ be the​ cheapest option by far at​ only £15 and​ much less hassle than any other option, almost too good to​ be true, magic!

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