If You're Not Buying Boxes

If You're Not Buying Boxes

Buying Boxes
Boxes and bags are the staple for moving - whether you're using plastic boxes and under bed storage containers, or​ getting cardboard ones - using suitcases, or​ black and plastic bags, you'll need to​ consider how many you need and allow for extra .​
You'll also need newspapers, paper, packing foam and/or bubble wrap .​
You'll also need tape, a​ marker pen and if​ you get them, stickers to​ mark your boxes .​
Buying boxes and containers from hardware stores or​ supermarkets is​ a​ good way to​ get sturdy, reusable containers for your new house, but may not prove to​ be cost effective if​ you've got lots of​ belongings .​
Boxes are a​ good, cheap alternative to​ plastic containers and can be bought from websites, along with tape and stickers to​ mark your boxes .​
Boxes are a​ great way to​ pack things into regular spaces and makes them easier to​ carry .​
You can also get boxes from supermarkets, and sometimes from recycler and on Craig’s list .​
Some removal firms also supply them if​ you're using their vans, or​ their moving men, or​ provide them if​ you are letting them pack for you .​
Packing clothes into suitcases or​ bags means that they are easy to​ transport, and easy to​ fit into spare spaces in​ your transport, but you need to​ make sure that the bags or​ cases are sturdy enough to​ contain your belongings well .​
Cheap bags are no good if​ you need to​ use two of​ them or​ they burst when you pick them up .​
Snagging risks are also something you'll have to​ consider, as​ anything sharp might cause tears in​ your bags .​
Containers should all be stackable to​ get the most use whilst moving - or​ should be placed in​ front of​ your boxes so that your space is​ maximized whilst the move is​ in​ progress .​

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