If You Love To Write Do It With Fountain Pens

Fountain pens aren't ordinary writing instruments: they are works of​ art. Just like timepieces, fountain pens are meticulously crafted by skilled artists and engineers to​ come up with well designed yet fully functional fountain pens. That is​ why collectors keep it​ and pass it​ on to​ the next generation as​ a​ sort of​ heirloom.

Fountain pens resemble the imprint of​ old quill and ink. The difference, however, lies at​ the ink flow: today’s fountain pens are consistent while quill and ink has a​ thick print when newly dipped and pale when ink is​ running dry. Yet for writers and history buffs, fountain pens are the nearest (and practical) replica of​ the old writing instrument.

Writing is​ always smooth when using a​ fountain pen. a​ reservoir for the ink is​ controlled by a​ nib at​ the tip of​ the pen. Flow is​ controlled by capillary action with the help of​ gravity. Unlike the ballpoint pen, a​ fountain pen has no breaks when scribbled unless its ink is​ almost depleted. Also, a​ fountain pen’s ink complements most writing papers because it​ is​ water-based, in​ contrast to​ other pens that use chemical-based inks. a​ fountain pen only includes dye and surfactant as​ part of​ ingredients.

All expensive fountain pens are refillable. There are, of​ course, the disposable types which are of​ lesser quality and value. However, a​ disposable fountain pen will not make your writing look good as​ a​ real fountain pen can. a​ real fountain pen will do justice to​ your penmanship.

However, only a​ few people really do use this fine pen for writing. They believe that its value may diminish. However, those in​ the academe believe otherwise. The more you use your fountain pen, the more it​ becomes an​ important object because it​ becomes a​ part of​ you; it​ form part of​ your personal academic studies and professorial duties.

In fact, as​ a​ form of​ tradition professors from Ivy League schools use fountain pens to​ bestow honor to​ people, especially to​ a​ colleague. For instance, in​ the movie, "A Beautiful Mind," it​ has been shown that professors from the university honored John Nash by offering their expensive fountain pens as​ gifts upon his table.

Each fountain pen is​ unique; not merely in​ design but in​ the quality of​ ink and ink flow. Handwriting experts call it​ the pen’s ‘fingerprint.’ This unique quality of​ a​ fountain pen symbolizes the individuality of​ the person who is​ using it​ and the original and work of​ art that a​ writer can wield with such a​ fine object. Indeed, all over the world, writers recognize the beauty behind a​ fountain pen: the symbolism behind the object and fine writing which the object brings.

Lovers and connoisseurs of​ fountain pens created websites to​ congregate and talk on everything about pens, most especially about fountain pens. Pen balance, ink flow and ergonomics are just some of​ the terms you can expect to​ find in​ the forums. These people just love fountain pens so much that they are even studying and anatomically classifying each fountain pen.

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