Identifying Infant Sleep Problems Yourself

Identifying Infant Sleep Problems Yourself

Infant sleep problems are not at​ all uncommon — just ask any honest mother or​ father! it​ can be extremely frustrating, but many parents do not worry about it​ as​ most consider sleep deprivation a​ parenting “right of​ passage.” While most parents do go through a​ period of​ time with their baby where they are not getting much rest, after awhile it​ is​ not at​ all normal (or even healthy) for the whole family not to​ be getting the rest they need at​ night.

The problem with infant sleep issues is​ that there are not any “hard and fast” rules about when your child should be sleeping for three hours at​ time, six hours at​ time, and all the way through the night. Even if​ you ask your pediatrician, he or​ she will likely give you a​ different response from the other pediatrician down the street. Each child is​ an​ individual, and they all take a​ different course that eventually should lead to​ sleeping through the night. Wanting to​ be fed, changed, and held are very normal reasons that newborn babies wake up at​ night. However, as​ your baby gets older, they should eventually be able to​ sleep through the night without needing anything from Mom or​ Dad.

Most babies should be able to​ sleep through the night somewhere between 3 and d 6 months of​ age. One of​ the best ways to​ get your child “sleeping through” is​ to​ develop a​ nighttime routine that will cue your baby into the fact that it​ is​ rest time. Every night go about the same routine and, before long, your child will realize that it​ is​ time to​ be quiet and go to​ sleep. Babies are very aware of​ their surroundings, so be sure that you follow the same routine every night. if​ your child still won’t rest though the night, don’t worry – you’re not alone! in​ fact, infant sleep questions are some of​ the most common ones that family doctors hear from new parents!

If your doctor has assured you that there are not any infant sleep issues that you need to​ worry about, but your baby is​ still not sleeping at​ night, you might want to​ visit and browse through some of​ the strategies there. Your child CAN learn to​ sleep all through the night, and take restful naps, too. The most important step to​ take is​ the first one – deciding to​ make the change!

Identifying Infant Sleep Problems Yourself

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