Ideas For Kitchen Nooks

Ideas For Kitchen Nooks

For many, the most popular room in​ the house is​ the kitchen. if​ you have a​ kitchen nook that goes along with that, then you’re lucky. But you may also be stumped for how to​ decorate your nook. Luckily, there are countess options available to​ you.

One thing that you will want to​ do is​ choose a​ style for your nook that won’t overwhelm the kitchen itself. You want your nook to​ remain a​ nook – a​ special little place to​ tuck away a​ table, a​ desk, a​ seating area, or​ even a​ combination of​ all of​ these. Let form follow function here. in​ other words, decide what you really need your nook to​ be on a​ practical level, and then let that idea dictate your design.

For example, do you really need an​ extra table for eating? if​ so, then design around that idea that the space will be for eating. if​ not, then there are no rules that say a​ nook has to​ have a​ table for eating. Let the space serve whatever purpose you want it​ to​ serve.

If you do, in​ fact, want extra space for eating, then go all the way with it. You may want to​ put in​ a​ banquet bench and create something of​ a​ booth area. Depending on your family situation, one good idea is​ to​ go small with the table – a​ cozy little place for two or​ three at​ the most.

Even with a​ large family, if​ you just need a​ space where one or​ two can sit down and eat a​ quick meal, then this might be idea. or​ a​ little table might also be an​ idea place for a​ quiet breakfast for mom or​ dad after the kids have cleared out of​ the house for the day.

If you nook is​ large, you might consider a​ full size table. For many, a​ nook is​ where most of​ the eating in​ the house actually gets done. if​ this is​ so for you, then trying to​ make your nook into too many things may be a​ mistake. Let it​ simply be the principle eating area and don’t clutter it​ up with other objectives.

If you don’t need it​ to​ be an​ eating area, then one practical idea for a​ nook is​ office space. Again, depending on your family situation, this could be an​ ideal spot for an​ office. if​ you have kids, however, you may find that a​ nook is​ not so ideal a​ spot for a​ “full-time office.” There are simply too many distractions.

However, it​ may still be the perfect spot for a​ small, temporary office. it​ can be extremely convenient to​ be able to​ pay your bills and watch the pot on the stove at​ the same time. Some also like the idea of​ combining two very different rooms into essentially one space. This gives both areas a​ character and a​ flair that they never would have had otherwise.

Finally, another idea is​ to​ make you nook a​ spot for displaying your favorite items – antiques, art, memorabilia, the kids’ creations, etc. Again, if​ you really want to​ do something like this, then go whole hog with it​ and let the space be simply that. Trying to​ clutter too many “spaces” into a​ nook is​ often a​ mistake. That said, if​ done simply, a​ combination of​ different “spaces” can work for you, but no matter which way you go, it’s best to​ clearly decide on what you want the space to​ be before you go about filling it​ up.

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