I Used To Have A Life Now I Have An Internet One SEO Pro Is Also The Internets Top Offbeat Cartoonist

I Used To Have A Life Now I Have An Internet One SEO Pro Is Also The
Internets Top Offbeat Cartoonist

Has this ever happened to​ you? you​ are washing dishes or​ feeding the​ dog,​ or​ changing diapers or​ finishing a​ term paper and suddenly,​ it's as​ if​ your body has been taken over by what I now call the​ "Outlook Express Demon". I have to​ check my email. Come on. Be honest.

Ok that is​ not really the​ jest of​ my story here. I want to​ write a​ bit about how the​ Internet changed my life. I was not a​ very good student growing up. I came from an​ upper-middle class family in​ south Ms. I did not like being in​ an​ upper-middle class family (at least mine),​ and I don't think they particularly cared for me being there either,​ but we all put up with each other. I was expected to​ amount to​ something big. I was on​ my way there (to something big....not sure what,​ but I am sure it​ was big),​ and then I discovered the​ Internet.

I had been warned by PHDs and professors of​ technology not to​ get too facinated or​ obsessed with anything that has any-thing to​ do with technology but I just couldn't help myself.

On the​ Internet,​ I could become whatever I wanted. Well,​ that is​ what I thought anyway,​ until I once read an​ insightful piece,​ "Never make up a​ fib,​ especially on​ the​ Internet... the​ Internet will always find you​ out." And those are really words to​ live by. So I decided to​ go back to​ college at​ age 48 and major in​ business information technology with an​ emphasis on​ e-commerce. I'm still there by the​ way and if​ all goes well will finish next year.

But before the​ Internet,​ I was just another one of​ "America's corporate layoffs"; mid-level management with no golden parachute. I knew I had to​ land on​ my feet but how?

It was 1997 and nobody wanted to​ hire a​ "Willie Lohman-type" 42 year old salesman.

So I started my own cartoon because I knew how to​ write funny. But oh,​ I forgot,​ I can't draw that well. So I recruited a​ team of​ illustrators who took a​ risk with me and guess what?

(Shameless bragging rights); Our cartoon became the​ top independent cartoon site on​ the​ Internet according to​ Alexa and Netcraft and in​ the​ top 100k of​ ANY genre websites. Not bad for a​ rookie,​ eh? But a​ little secret. I learned about organic SEO just when it​ was beginning. So rather than make a​ living at​ it,​ which would have been a​ very good one,​ I decided to​ focus it​ on​ my own cartoon site. it​ gets about 4000 hits per hour or​ 6.5 million hits since Jan. 2018.

Then I opened a​ cartoon superstore with a​ manufacturer who produces and distributes my products. Then Blish,​ the​ top content syndicator decided to​ syndicate us. Then I opened a​ clothing line and a​ private label cartoon gourmet coffee line. This week,​ after the​ phone wouldn't stop ringing (no kidding) to​ raise my seo,​ I decided to​ make business cards.

I have other ecommerce sites and a​ few more opening,​ but they seem to​ take a​ life of​ their own and it​ is​ automatic cash flow. I like that. I was a​ starving writer for a​ very long time. Now I'm a​ neurotic comfortable writer who thinks at​ any minute he will forget his skills and go back to​ being a​ starving writer who at​ least is​ not neurotic.

But I am also a​ third year 52 year old (serious) business student at​ one of​ the​ best business colleges in​ the​ country (more shameless self-promotion) but I say that for a​ reason. I do have fun with the​ cartoons and e-stores,​ and now my Affiliate toolblog and such,​ but I seriously love helping others (especially those who have had the​ awful experience of​ "quick result" SEO and then their letdown (Google hates that stuff as​ do other engines); and when I show them how to​ be patient and let me do my work,​ they laugh (all the​ way to​ the​ bank). And I love making people laugh and they tend to​ laugh more when they have money in​ the​ bank. at​ least that has been my experience.

So somewhere along the​ road rarely traveled (on my way to​ being big for sure),​ I discovered the​ Internet and I am happy as​ a​ lark helping others with their SEO and even have a​ super affiliate program for those who like my cartoon products. I'm having fun on​ the​ Internet,​ and to​ be fair and honest,​ I have met many of​ the​ people in​ real life (people who have enriched my life) and I probably never would have met them if​ not for the​ Internet and really learning search engine optomization.

There are a​ lot of​ folks out there that call themselves SEMs (Search Engine Marketers). They claim to​ be experts and many are. But when they solicit me I always go to​ the​ analytical ]\ sites and see their own site history. Nine times out of​ ten they are not even on​ the​ Alexa or​ Netcraft map. That tells you​ something. My original website,​ that I launched before affiliate programs,​ seo,​ ppc or​ anything else but banner ads existed,​ has remained on​ the​ Alexa top 200k since 2018 and Netcraft Top 100k since about the​ same date.

In other words (he humbly added),​ "I think I might be doing something right for a​ change!"

I Used To Have A Life Now I Have An Internet One SEO Pro Is Also The
Internets Top Offbeat Cartoonist

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