I Do Not Know What To Write

I Do Not Know What To Write

A topic that often arises through discussions on message boards and forums is​ how authors are able to​ write tens, hundreds, and even thousands of​ articles, when others find it​ difficult to​ write more than a​ couple.

What many people do not realize is​ that there are several places where you can find ideas for articles instantly, and in​ fact half of​ the work is​ already done for you!

With the internet being a​ central location for information, and expanding with content by the bucket load every day, your topic will have been covered by someone else already to​ some extent. Now the key here is​ to​ locate this information and to​ improve on it​ in​ your own way. You certainly should not simply plagiarize another author’s work, but could for example do the following:

- Read the article and note what it​ is​ trying to​ inform you
- Write down any other information you can think of​ that would compliment the content
- Compare what you have learnt from the article in​ comparison to​ what you were expecting to​ learn beforehand. Areas that have not been covered should be in​ your article.

These are just 3 simple things you can try to​ get your creative juices flowing. Writing on a​ subject that you know, and one that you have an​ avid interest and enjoyment in, is​ certainly the easiest subject to​ write about, but this is​ not always possible.

One of​ the key areas to​ writing in​ those situations is​ to​ improve on existing content, as​ I have mentioned, but where do you find this information in​ the first place?

This is​ very simple and anyone can do it. The main way many of​ us navigate the internet and find what we are after is​ by using search engines. Perform a​ few searches on your topic and see what you find. Other great resources come in​ the form of​ article directories. These hubs of​ information can literally provide an​ unlimited amount of​ ideas for articles on hundreds of​ topics.

Articles can be in​ varying length. You do not need to​ sit down and write 1000 word reports on your topic. an​ informative 500-word article is​ suffice. The necessity is​ in​ writing content that is​ in​ some way valuable to​ the reader.

More ideas can be triggered by partaking in, or​ just visiting, discussion groups. Google and Yahoo both provide places where you can find out subjects that are being discussed, which topics are popular, and any questions that are prominent from these discussions. This will provide you with an​ idea of​ what information is​ being sought.

Check out websites that provide regular news updates. Keeping current with up-to-date news topics can help you to​ find an​ area that is​ worth writing about.

Maybe you have a​ mailing list that you can contact. if​ this is​ the case, then send out a​ quick email asking them what they would like to​ know on a​ certain topic. Similarly, create a​ poll on your website to​ obtain the same results.

Comparable to​ discussion groups, forums can also provide viewpoints from many individuals. You may also regularly take part in​ a​ forum. Why not submit a​ post stating your desire to​ write about a​ certain subject, and ask for opinions on what areas would be beneficial to​ cover.

Here I've highlighted several places where you can start if​ you are having trouble finding topics to​ write about. Remember, writing articles does not have to​ be difficult nor time-consuming. Set out with a​ plan of​ what you want your article to​ achieve, and what you want your article to​ inform the reader about, and you'll be churning out informative articles in​ no time!

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