Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs
Hunting dogs are certainly the​ best possible ally of​ the​ hunter,​ as​ they sniff and scavenge for prey in​ the​ deepest and darkest brush of​ the​ forest .​
There are many different possibilities for a​ hunting dog type that you​ can take on​ your next trip .​
The type of​ dog you​ should take on​ your hunting trip should be directly related to​ the​ type of​ hunting you​ are planning on​ .​
If you​ are planning on​ hunting fur-bearing animals,​ for example,​ you​ would be more satisfied with a​ hound than you​ would be with a​ terrier .​
Regardless of​ what dog you​ choose to​ take with you​ on​ your next hunting trip,​ you​ can be sure that you​ will have made a​ new friend by the​ end of​ the​ journey.
The most common main category of​ hunting dogs is​ the​ hound .​
Hounds are actually divided into two categories from there: the​ sighthound and the​ scent hound .​
As their names imply,​ each sub-category of​ dog type refers to​ a​ certain skill that the​ dog tends to​ be more proficient in​ .​
Sighthounds,​ like the​ Whippet,​ are adapted to​ hunting because of​ their visual acumen .​
They practice a​ method that is​ known as​ coursing,​ referring to​ the​ notion of​ spotting the​ prey from a​ long distance and following it​ in​ a​ quick pursuit .​
Scent hounds,​ like the​ Coonhound,​ work by scent rather than sight .​
They tend to​ pick up on​ a​ trace of​ the​ prey from the​ ground and follow that scent,​ hopefully to​ the​ prey .​
Scent hounds often work in​ packs and are regarded as​ having some of​ the​ most sensitive noses of​ all other dog types.
The next classification of​ dogs used for hunting is​ the​ gu​n dog .​
These dogs are used mostly by short range hunters using shotguns .​
There are three sub-categories of​ gu​n dogs: flushing spaniels,​ pointing breeds and retrievers .​
Again,​ their names are reflective of​ the​ particular skill that the​ dog has to​ offer the​ hunter .​
The retrievers,​ once known as​ water spaniels,​ are great for finding and getting shot or​ killed game for the​ hunter .​
If the​ hunter kills a​ duck,​ the​ retriever heads over to​ pick it​ up and brings it​ back to​ the​ hunter .​
The pointing breed,​ such as​ an​ English setter,​ tend to​ point out the​ prey by pointing at​ upland birds or​ other upland animals being hunted .​
The pointing breed of​ dogs sometimes also help flush the​ prey out from their hiding spot .​
The flushing spaniels,​ such as​ the​ English Cocker spaniel,​ are used to​ locate and spring the​ prey for the​ hunter .​
They are trained to​ remain close to​ the​ hunter,​ ensuring an​ easy kill.
Still another popular type of​ hunting dog is​ the​ terrier .​
Terriers are used to​ hunt mammals,​ for the​ most part .​
These animals,​ such as​ the​ Lakeland terrier,​ are used to​ locate the​ actual den of​ the​ animal and spring or​ capture the​ animal .​
Some terriers are bred to​ kill the​ animal at​ the​ animal's den .​
a​ large number of​ terriers are used to​ hunt what are known as​ pest species .​
The pest species refer to​ groundhogs,​ hunted by the​ Jack Russel terriers,​ or​ the​ badger or​ fox,​ hunted by the​ Fell terrier .​
The legality of​ some of​ these hunts is​ in​ question,​ so you​ may want to​ check your local regulations before you​ set upon and hunt a​ fox.
There are many particulars that make using hunting dogs a​ popular option for hunting .​
Whether you​ choose a​ sighthound or​ a​ scent hound,​ you​ can be assured that your companion hound will be working for you​ at​ finding your prey .​
Using a​ gu​n dog can not only provide great companionship,​ but it​ can bring prey right to​ your doorstep and literally take the​ hunt out of​ hunting .​
Terriers not only make a​ vigorous hunting companion,​ but they also make for a​ nice domesticated animal .​
Make sure that you​ consider the​ hunting dog type before you​ go out on​ the​ hunt so that you​ can bring the​ best possible breed with you​ and land the​ best possible kill for this hunting season .​

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