Humor Turns E Mail Viral

Humor Turns E Mail Viral

A study by Sharpe Partners, an​ interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of​ adult Internet users in​ America share content with others via e-mail. This is​ excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to​ sell their products.

The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of​ content that is​ most often forwarded, as​ well. The most popular content is​ humorous material.

The second most popular category is​ news, followed by healthcare and medical information, religious and spiritual material, games, business and personal finance information and sports/hobbies… in​ that order. So it​ is​ easy to​ see that humor is​ the best content for your viral e-mail campaign.

Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to​ an​ e-mail to​ insure that it​ will go viral. People will want to​ pass along something that makes them laugh.

They are a​ lot more likely to​ hit the forward button and send your email to​ their friends and relatives if​ it​ is​ an​ “advertainment” rather than an​ advertisement.

Not along ago, about 35 million people got an​ e-mail containing a​ picture taken in​ Disneyland. it​ took a​ minute to​ see it​ but there was Donald Duck lying prone in​ front of​ the famous Cinderella Castle. The title of​ the picture was “Bird Flu has hit Disneyland”. it​ was a​ viral e-mail advertising Disneyland and used the edgy strategy of​ making light of​ what’s serious… and it​ works.

I’d guess that most people who own a​ computer have seen that picture… and thus the advertisement for Disneyland. The bird flu epidemic is​ newsworthy and has the potential to​ attract an​ enormous amount of​ attention to​ any brand that might, for whatever reason, associate itself with it.

Remember that people are much more likely to​ share a​ joke or​ a​ funny picture than anything else so you would be well advised to​ include humor in​ your e-mail campaign.

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