Hummingbird Information Helpful Information About The Popular Hummingbird

Your hummingbird feeders need to​ be cleaned, and the humming bird nectar needs to​ be changed every 3-4 days. if​ black spots are visible inside your hummingbird feeder, it​ can be a​ sign of​ mold and you will need to​ scrub it​ out with a​ stiff thistle brush. if​ you can't reach the spots with a​ brush, you can mix some sand and water together and shake the feeder vigorously to​ remove the mold. Never use harsh detergent to​ clean your hummingbird feeder. Rinse the feeder out with hot water each time you change your nectar. if​ you do this on a​ regular basis you should not have a​ problem with mold growing inside of​ the feeder.

Pesty ants can be a​ problem at​ a​ hummingbird feeder. The best way to​ prevent ants at​ your feeder is​ to​ use an​ "ant guard". an​ ant guard is​ a​ barrier between the ants and the nectar, making them ant proof. These guards are built into many feeders but are also available as​ an​ add on accessory for existing feeders.

There are certain ways to​ attract hummingbirds to​ your feeder. Red! Red! Red! All hummingbirds are attracted to​ the color red. Most feeders that are purchased these days have red on them somewhere, but if​ you are in​ doubt that there is​ enough red, try tying a​ red ribbon on the feeder itself. Another way to​ attract attention to​ your feeder is​ to​ place it​ among flowers that hummers like, or​ hang a​ basket of​ flowers nearby the feeder. You will find that feeder activity slows as​ more flowers bloom in​ your yard. Do not panic! They prefer natural nectar over what we give them in​ our feeders, so as​ the flower start to​ diminish, you will see them come back again.

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