Hp Printer Cartridge Buying Tips

Hp Printer Cartridge Buying Tips

Hp Printer Cartridge Buying Tips
HP has been a​ leader in​ printer industry for a​ long time .​
HP printers come in​ a​ wide selection, including the deskjet ink printers, laserjet printers, business inkjet printers, photo printers and designjet printers .​
Despite keen competition from other printer manufacturers, HP printers remain the most popular choice for home and business users.
The popularity of​ HP printers means that there is​ a​ huge aftermarket for HP printers .​
Indeed, consumers have many choices when they want to​ replace their HP printer cartridges .​
Here are some useful tips that can help you maximize your savings.
1) Remanufactured and compatible cartridges – HP has recently made a​ deal with Staples to​ remove all compatible HP cartridges from Staples retail stores .​
The move is​ considered as​ a​ victory for HP in​ the battle for printer aftermarket but this battle is​ far from over .​
Remanufactured and compatible cartridges are still readily available from major computer stores, office supply stores and hundreds of​ online ink / toner cartridge stores .​
These cartridges are in​ great demand because they offer a​ savings up to​ 30-50% compared to​ OEM cartridges .​

2) Ink refill kits and ink recycling programs are another alternative for bargain hunters .​
Although it​ is​ a​ bit less convenient than buying a​ brand new cartridge, refilling ink cartridges is​ environmentally friendly and helps you save even more than compatible cartridges.
3) Combo pack – no matter whether you are purchasing compatible cartridges or​ OEM cartridges, you can usually get a​ discount buying the bulk pack or​ combo pack .​
If you are shopping from online stores, you can also enjoy free shipping when you buy several packs at​ the same time.
4) Online shopping – HP online store sells their OEM cartridges with free shipping .​
You can sign up for their MyPrint Rewards Club to​ get exclusive discount on ink and toner .​
Other online vendors also have OEM, remanufactured or​ compatible HP cartridges available at​ discount prices .​

5) Coupon codes – many online vendors selling compatible cartridges provide coupon codes which give an​ additional 10-15% off on top of​ the original discount.
6) Warranty period – check the warranty period of​ your cartridges before purchase, especially if​ you are buying in​ bulk .​
a​ long warranty period means that you don’t need to​ open the packages and use the cartridges immediately but can return them at​ a​ later date if​ you are not satisfied with the quality.
7) Compare price and service – compare the price at​ different vendors, their shipping policy, warranty period and shopper’s satisfaction rating .​
Buying from reliable vendors can save you lot of​ money and hassles in​ the end.

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