How Your Network Affects Your Pr Ratings

It's been long overdue that I've been wanting to​ talk about how owning a​ network of​ web sites, drastically affects your page ranking within Google.

For some of​ you, you may closely watch what goes on with Page Ranking Within Google with your trusty toolbar, and​ some of​ you may not have a​ clue nor care enough to​ watch your web site popularity and​ stay glued to​ you se ranking like a​ hawk.

If you've ever considered owning a​ successful network of​ web sites, you'll want to​ start paying close attention as​ to​ how your network affects your search positions.

Page Ranking is​ like an​ ocean "tide", it​ comes and​ goes and​ then comes back again, feeding a​ never ending sea of​ web site owners and​ keeping them on the​ shore to​ watch. What you want to​ notice is​ how owning a​ few "title waves" coming in, will drastically kill your page ranking but increase your search engine saturation.

If you haven't heard the​ term saturation before, it's merely referred to​ as​ the​ amount of​ links within your site that gets listed by search engines. So if​ you have 20 pages within your web site, you should have 20 pages listed in​ search engines.

If you don't have 20 pages listed, your search engine saturation is​ lower than it​ should be and​ you should concentrate on promoting ALL your pages, not just the​ main page of​ your site.

Personally owning a​ network of​ sites, and​ having worked on a​ network of​ 180 sites for​ one client, I've come to​ the​ conclusion that if​ you want to​ reach a​ 6/10 Google ranking, don't merely rely on your network to​ get success.

Like I mention in​ all my articles, search engines are getting smarter and​ can detect and​ sniff out a​ network of​ web sites created to​ help one thing, profit.

What you want to​ do is​ like I mentioned in​ a​ previous article, promote ALL your pages in​ as​ many web sites as​ you can. Find all related material to​ what you do.

Please don't get me wrong, owning a​ network is​ in​ no way harmful to​ have. the​ way a​ network will work successfully is​ by at​ least having one of​ your web sites already successful and​ the​ rest are tailing on it's success.

Trying to​ start an​ entire network from scratch is​ not only ludicrous, it​ would take a​ really good chunk of​ someone's budget just to​ make sure you would succeed in​ keeping up with the​ demand.

All too many times, I see people promote their site for​ a​ month or​ so, realize it's a​ lot of​ work and​ start neglecting it​ completely. Never give up on your dream, you only have one person to​ blame, yourself.

Start slow, start with one site. Expand it​ until you are ready to​ move onto another on-going project. Always remember that by starting another site within your network will not only bring you more responsibilities but it​ will be your responsibility to​ make sure this new web site is​ successful and​ that the​ old one isn't forgotten either.

So in​ conclusion:
Don't only rely on your network to​ bring your page ranking up and​ always look for​ new sources to​ improve on promoting all your pages.

Hope this helps all of​ you!

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