How You Can Use Your Diet As A Major Component For Your Natural Skin
Care Program

How You Can Use Your Diet As A Major Component For Your Natural Skin Care Program

How you​ Can Use Your Diet as​ a​ Major Component for​ Your Natural Skin Care Program
With so much emphasis today on​ staying healthy and​ looking good we​ see many remedies for​ skin care and​ a​ healthy look,​ that it​ is​ sometime very confusing . ​
Although there are many great products being marketed today there are also many things that one can do to​ assist your body in​ creating and​ producing beautiful skin from the​ inside out . ​
the​ following foods incorporated into your diet will make your natural skin care program work in​ synergy with your body to​ produce beautiful skin . ​

People spend a​ lot of​ money every year to​ look good . ​
to​ have beautiful smooth wrinkle free skin but neglect to​ give the​ attention to​ the​ foods that they consume that will add to​ their beautiful skin . ​
it​ is​ not enough to​ just exfoliate,​ and​ use the​ lotions and​ potions to​ have beautiful skin . ​
Beautiful skin comes from the​ generation of​ healthy vibrant cells being produced from within your body . ​

One of​ the​ most important substances you​ can put into your body to​ aid in​ producing excellent skin is​ water . ​
Water flushes toxins out of​ your body,​ it​ help you​ loss weight and​ is​ a​ major source of​ hydration . ​
if​ you​ are only putting a​ moisturizer on​ top of​ your skin this is​ not enough . ​
How about adding moisture to​ your skin from the​ inside by drinking plenty of​ clean purified water . ​

Your diet and​ the​ foods you​ consume not only affect your skin but your overall health . ​
if​ you​ choose to​ put garbage in​ your body you​ will get garbage out . ​
So for​ starter I’ll tell you​ what to​ avoid . ​
Avoid greasy fatty foods and​ processed food . ​
Being today to​ put wholesome fresh foods into your body and​ let that nutrition rebuild and​ keep your skin and​ entire body vibrant and​ healthy . ​

For starters you​ should be consuming foods that contain vitamin C . ​
Vitamin C promotes healing,​ help rebuild collagen,​ and​ produces skin with elasticity and​ firmness . ​
Food such as​ citrus fruits,​ strawberries,​ tomatoes,​ broccoli and​ cabbage are high in​ vitamin C and​ can help in​ reducing wrinkles and​ fine lines . ​

Green tea is​ also an​ excellent antioxidant which improves your immune system and​ is​ an​ excellent substitute for​ coffee . ​

Soy proteins which have a​ high amount of​ amino acids,​ flavonoids and​ vitamin E help the​ skin retain moisture and​ give the​ skin a​ smooth appearance . ​

The essential fatty acids which are your omega 3’s and​ 6’s are the​ good fats that the​ entire body needs . ​
These good fats will help your skin,​ hair,​ nails,​ muscles and​ all your cellular functions . ​
it​ will help to​ clear up blemishes and​ reduce wrinkles . ​
Food like olives,​ olive oil,​ almonds and​ avocados are excellent sources of​ your good fats . ​
Also fresh fish like salmon will provide a​ good source of​ your omega 3’s and​ 6’s . ​

And let’s not forget our greens . ​
Vegetables such as​ spinach,​ collard greens,​ and​ kale are high in​ vitamins A,​ C and​ E . ​
They also contain good amounts of​ iron and​ fiber . ​
These foods help to​ reduce wrinkles and​ give your skin a​ healthy look . ​

Another great food to​ help your skin and​ your immune system is​ yogurt . ​
Yogurt contains friendly bacteria which help improve your digestion which in​ turn improves your immune system . ​
an​ improved immune system will definitely support your largest organ,​ your skin . ​

One other food that will assist your body and​ your immune system to​ produce healthy skin is​ garlic . ​
Garlic is​ high in​ antioxidants and​ has been used for​ centuries for​ medicinal purposes . ​
it​ will assist your body and​ immune system to​ stay healthy and​ fight off infections and​ disease . ​

And now the​ best part . ​
for​ all you​ people who desire great healthy looking skin this will probably be your favorite part . ​
Cocoa powder which is​ found in​ chocolate is​ very high in​ polyphenol antioxidants . ​
it​ has twice the​ antioxidant properties of​ red wine and​ three times the​ antioxidant properties of​ green tea . ​
Dark chocolate typically has the​ highest percentage of​ cocoa . ​
I ​ have seen some dark chocolates as​ high as​ 83% cocoa . ​
Now remember everything in​ moderation . ​
Don’t go and​ eat a​ box of​ chocolate every day . ​
Just a​ small piece every few days and​ only eat the​ finer dark chocolates with the​ highest amounts of​ cocoa . ​

You see there are many excellent nutritious foods you​ can consume that will add to​ your natural skin care program and​ will also help with your overall health and​ well being . ​
So eat well,​ look good and​ keep your skin healthy from the​ inside out . ​

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