How You Can Use The Internet In Your Job Search

How You Can Use The Internet In Your Job Search

How you​ Can Use the​ Internet in​ Your Job Search
If you​ haven’t already starting using the​ internet to​ assist you​ in​ the​ job search, then you​ are missing out on​ a​ huge employment trend .​
There are numerous reasons to​ take advantage of​ this powerful tool, the​ most important one being that employers are using the​ internet more than ever to​ find candidates .​
if​ recent internet usage studies are accurate, nearly 48% of​ businesses do at​ least some of​ their recruiting online .​
Not utilizing the​ internet in​ your job search means that you​ are flying under the​ radar for​ many potential job opportunities.
The internet is​ useful for​ a​ number of​ job search-related activities including:
-- Searching for​ Jobs Online
-- Posting your Resume Online
-- Networking
-- Company Research
Searching for​ Jobs Online
Million of​ job openings are posted online each year, many times more openings that you​ could possibly access on​ your own outside of​ the​ internet .​
There are a​ number of​ general employment sites that allow postings in​ all professions, industries, and​ experience levels .​
These sites are very large in​ both size and​ scope, but are popular with employers and​ job seekers alike .​

If you​ are able to​ narrow your job search to​ a​ specific profession or​ industry, niche sites will be incredibly valuable .​
Niche sites are those websites that specialize in​ a​ particular industry or​ profession, as​ opposed to​ allowing for​ the​ postings of​ any position imaginable .​
the​ advantages of​ using a​ niche site are 1 that you​ will not need to​ sort through nearly as​ many job openings to​ find those that fit your qualifications, and​ 2 that traffic is​ much less at​ niche sites .​
as​ a​ result, the​ competition for​ these positions is​ not nearly as​ fierce .​
Examples of​ niche sites in​ particular fields include:
-- for​ Human Resource Professionals: SHRM
-- for​ Teaching Professionals: Teaching Jobs
-- for​ Medical Professionals: Med Search
-- for​ Accounting Professionals: Accounting Job Search
In addition to​ standard online job boards, many government agencies from the​ local to​ federal level now list all available positions online .​
Companies with corporate websites also frequently post any job openings on​ the​ company’s job announcement board .​
you​ can use any major internet search engine such as​ Google or​ Yahoo to​ find a​ specific government or​ company website.
A final note on​ online job searches: a​ large majority of​ newspapers with widespread circulation publish classified ads, including job openings, on​ the​ internet now .​
These ads can be accessed for​ free in​ most cases, and​ will give you​ direct access to​ any local position openings .​
Posting your Resume Online
Resume banks are large online databases that allow you​ to​ post your resume to​ be accessed by recruiters and​ potential employers .​
the​ advantage to​ keeping a​ copy or copies of​ your resume online in​ a​ visible location is​ that allows employers actively seeking candidates to​ consider your credentials without you​ having to​ submit your resume directly to​ the​ company .​
Individuals worried about confidentiality can opt to​ leave personal identifying information off of​ the​ resume and​ simply provide an​ anonymous email address at​ which interested employers can reach them .​

Many job boards also have resume banks, so take the​ time to​ browse around your favorite job sites to​ determine your options for​ posting your resume .​
Resumes can frequently be uploaded directly to​ the​ site or​ cut and​ pasted for​ quick posting .​
in​ the​ event that the​ site does not support this technology or if​ you​ only have a​ hard copy of​ your resume, you​ will need to​ manually enter your resume into the​ site by filling out a​ form or​ typing into a​ pre-designated text box .​

Technically-savvy job seekers may also choose to​ post their resume on​ their own hosted website, on​ a​ free personal site provided by your Internet Service Provider, or​ on​ a​ company website such as​ for​ a​ small fee .​

Networking is​ one of​ the​ most successful ways to​ find a​ new job, since personal relationships often lead to​ opportunities that you​ might have otherwise never knew existed .​
the​ internet offers innumerable opportunities to​ network with other professionals in​ your field .​
Online forums, newsgroups, and​ professional journals/blogs allow you​ to​ connect with professionals who may be able to​ point you​ and your job search in​ the​ right direction .​
You may even be able to​ find a​ mentor to​ help guide you​ in​ your career development .​
Company Research
The internet is​ a​ powerful tool for​ conducting research on​ a​ specific company in​ which you​ are interested .​
Using a​ major search engine to​ scour the​ web for​ information on​ a​ company will turn up a​ company’s corporate webpage if they have one as​ well as​ a​ variety of​ other web sources disclosing information that may be highly pertinent to​ your job search .​
Use the​ internet, for​ example, to​ research the​ company’s products and​ services, industry, competitors, financial information, history, and​ reputation.

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