How You Can Benefit From A Site With Golf Equipment Reviews

How You Can Benefit From A Site With Golf Equipment Reviews

Sometimes I think back of​ the​ days when I started playing golf. Things were simple then. a​ wood was still made of​ wood, and​ a​ 5-iron was a​ 5-iron. or​ at​ least that’s what I thought until I learned more about equipment. Still, things were relatively simple, but they are not anymore. Just read some golf equipment reviews. It’s totally amazing how technology has changed the​ game of​ golf, and​ how radically golf equipment has changed over the​ past couple of​ decades.

As someone interested in​ new gadgets, I have been fascinated by the​ introduction of​ Golf GPS. Let me give you a​ few basics. GPS stands for​ Global Positioning System and​ uses satellites and​ a​ receiver to​ determine where you are on the​ planet with amazing accuracy, as​ close as​ a​ couple of​ feet. GPS is​ available in​ most new cars and​ it’s also available for​ golf where it​ can help you improve your game. It’s not a​ traditional training aid, though. What a​ Golf GPS receiver does is​ figure out where you are on a​ course, and​ then give you the​ exact distance to​ the​ green, water hazards, bunkers and​ fairway boundaries. This way you know the​ number of​ yards, golf clubs to​ pick, and​ even the​ size of​ the​ green from the​ angle you’re approaching it!

How did I learn about all this? Certainly not by going to​ an​ electronics store. if​ I want information on golf, I go to​ websites dedicated to​ golf and​ golf equipment. I love to​ read what golf enthusiasts have to​ say about golf shoes, golf bags and​ other equipment, as​ I have no use for​ the​ usual marketing hype. I mean, where else than at​ a​ golf enthusiast site could you read comparisons of​ electric golf carts and​ what’s important when you consider getting one of​ your own? Did you know, for​ example, that you can create tricked-out custom golf carts with special suspensions, paint jobs and​ fancy wheels?

But it’s not only emerging technologies like Golf GPS or​ big ticket items like carts that you can get good information on at​ a​ golf review site. There are probably thousands of​ different golf bags out there, and​ I love to​ read about the​ latest from some of​ the​ best companies like Burton, Ogio or​ Nike, and​ that includes the​ good and​ the​ bad. Nothing’s perfect, and​ I rely on unbiased reviews to​ give me the​ real scoop.

Same with clubs. We all have our favorites, of​ course, but I keep an​ open mind. Nothing can replace trying out a​ club, and​ that’s where the​ pro shops come in, but I like to​ do my research online. Did you know companies like Ping actually have online fitting systems? or​ that Titleist clubs are no longer just for​ top-level players with low handicaps? the​ company is​ clearly going for​ new and​ aspiring golfers with their new lines of​ clubs. Again, I found out on an​ enthusiast golf site that also does golf equipment reviews. There’s just nothing like it.

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