How A Wireless Burglar Alarm System Works

How A Wireless Burglar Alarm System Works

Wireless security alarm systems are ideal for​ installation in​ a​ home that wasn't wired for​ an​ alarm system when it​ was built. Motion sensors, door contacts and​ window contacts can all be wireless, and​ not need to​ be hardwired back to​ the​ main control panel. Even the​ control keypad can be wireless.

The various wireless components use RF (radio waves) to​ transmit their signals back to​ the​ main control panel. the​ only real disadvantage compared to​ wired systems is​ that the​ wireless components run on batteries, which will need to​ be replaced once in​ a​ while.

These batteries generally last for​ years, however, and​ many alarm companies offer service and​ maintenance plans that will cover the​ replacement batteries and​ the​ installation of​ them.

The most common wireless alarm components are the​ following:

Control Panel

This is​ essentially the​ "brains" of​ the​ alarm system. It's usually mounted somewhere out of​ the​ way, like a​ closet or​ the​ basement. it​ monitors the​ signals from all the​ wireless components, and​ triggers the​ alarm (and a​ call to​ the​ monitoring station if​ the​ system is​ monitored) if​ any of​ the​ sensors detect an​ intrusion.


The keypad is​ used to​ arm and​ disarm the​ system, as​ well as​ change various settings. It's usually located somewhere near the​ entrance door for​ easy access.

Magnetic Switches

These contacts are used to​ monitor windows and​ doors. They're made up of​ a​ switch that attaches to​ the​ window or​ door and​ a​ magnet that is​ mounted on the​ frame. if​ the​ switch and​ magnet are separated (the window or​ door is​ opened or​ broken) it​ will trigger the​ alarm.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be mounted in​ large rooms or​ areas like hallways. They will detect motion - and​ in​ some cases body heat - and​ trigger the​ alarm if​ it​ is​ out of​ the​ acceptable range.

Video Cameras

Wireless security cameras can send a​ video feed back to​ a​ monitor and/or a​ VCR in​ the​ house. They can be used to​ monitor outside areas that are not very visible from the​ street, as​ well as​ a​ way of​ seeing who is​ at​ the​ door before opening it.

Remote Keys

Remote keys are much like the​ remotes you get with car alarms. They can be used from a​ distance to​ arm or​ disarm the​ alarm, as​ well as​ things like turning lights on or​ off or​ unlocking doors.

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