How To Write A Will

How To Write A Will

Why Do You Need a​ Will?

Are you going to​ provide for your family as​ you would wish
do you want everything to​ be decided by the rules of​ intestacy?(see our rules of​ Intestacy email, above)
Is your husband or​ wife going to​ have to​ sell the family home if​ you die?
This can be avoided simply by writing a​ Will.
How will your property and possessions be distributed - will it​ be to​ the people you want and in​ the way you want?
Do you know if​ your family will have to​ pay Inheritance Tax - do you know how this can be reduced or​ even avoided?
Will your children or​ grandchildren be looked after as​ you would have wished -have guardians been appointed for them?
Who will carry out your instructions if​ you die who would you like to​ act as​ your trustees?
What will it​ cost your family if​ you name a​ bank or​ solicitor as​ an​ executor?
Are there any special gifts to​ go to​ friends or​ are there favourite charities you have always supported?
Do you want to​ be buried or​ cremated do you have any special instructions or​ wishes for your funeral?
If you run a​ business, will your family or​ partners be allowed to​ carry on without you? How can you make sure they will still be able to​ obtain an​ income from your work?
Put an​ end to​ uncertainty.
Give your family the security of​ knowing you have written a​ legally valid Will. Make sure that your wishes are carried out as​ you have arranged.
Here's the elements that make up a​ Will:

The person making the Will - You! The term is​ Testatorix for females

Any one specifically inheriting any item or​ your estate.

The person(s) you select to​ read and carry out the instructions of​ your Will. Can be a​ professional person but doesn't have to​ be as​ again the job can be straightforward.

Two completely independent witnesses who will verify that your signature is​ yours on the final document. This will make the Will legally valid.

And there you have it!

A Legally Valid Will

We Assure You That it​ really is​ that Simple to​ writing a​ will

The only other elements are involved are: specific instructions such as, specific gifts to​ individuals, any people you may wish to​ exclude and burial preferences and that really is​ it​

If, however there is​ something that you are unsure about, drop me an​ email at​ with your questions and I will get straight back to​ you.

Neil Mercer is​ a​ Consultant with STE Associates Ltd and is​ Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Services Authority

How To Write A Will

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