How To Write What You Want Over A Longer Period Of Time

How To Write What You Want Over A Longer Period Of Time

Sitting down in​ front of​ a​ blank screen, you type out a​ sequence of​ words followed by a​ period. You pause for a​ moment, you backspace it​ all away and you type another new string of​ words. You know what I mean?

Why is​ it​ that at​ times writing comes easily, but at​ other times it​ barely trickles out? Part of​ the reason may be that you are losing all of​ your best ideas in​ between those sit-downs at​ the computer.

When you have ideas or​ see things which get you thinking, write them down. Collect them in​ some way. Odds are within a​ few days of​ doing this you will see relations and trends you would not have noticed before. This will lead to​ more quality content. Think of​ the outstanding quality of​ articles that you’ll be writing over the course of​ weeks and even months?

Something I have found myself doing since I began blogging, is​ writing a​ huge amount of​ memos and small notes. They can be either halfway completed or​ standing as​ headlines only. While it​ can be daunting to​ stare at​ a​ big list of​ articles waiting to​ be written, it​ can also make the process of​ beginning to​ write a​ bit easier when you hit a​ creative roadblock.

It can also be very helpful to​ use a​ writing tool that tracks changes. I use Writeboard, but there are others out there. Even MS Word can track changes if​ you want. Keep your ideas flowing, and keep working on them over time.

Do not skip over silly ideas and stories. You never know what might come in​ handy later.

Actively investigate the world around you. Be a​ journalist all the time. Ask questions and look for details. You might be surprised at​ how many ideas jump out at​ you.

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