How To Write That Press Release Masterpiece

How to​ Write that Press Release Masterpiece?
Unless you’re a​ seasoned writer, then writing your press release might be your hardest task .​
If your budget allows, you can always pay some expert to​ write it​ for you .​
Depending on your sites content, product or​ services, will determine how hard it​ will be to​ find something newsworthy to​ write about .​
The better the news value, the more chance your press release has of​ being published.
Unless you’re business is​ of​ great importance or​ you have a​ one of​ a​ kind website that everyone wants to​ know about, then a​ new website launch is​ not ground breaking news to​ the rest of​ the world .​
The mere fact that a​ website is​ open for business happens every minute as​ you read.
You need to​ tell the right story .​
a​ story with a​ great 'angle' .​
Your targeted publication must find it​ interesting and newsworthy.
Your press release must not become your sales literature .​
It is​ used to​ tell the whole world about your ground breaking news .​
To tell readers about an​ event that has or​ will happen .​
Having great news to​ tell is​ one part, writing it​ properly and in​ a​ certain way or​ format, is​ the other.
Press release tips:
Your press release should not sound like a​ sales pitch or​ ad .​
It must sound like news;
I should only be submitted to​ the media that is​ similar to​ the topic of​ your press release;
Try to​ wrap your press release around the current news events if​ possible;
Try to​ keep your press release to​ a​ maximum of​ one page in​ length;
Use short paragraphs and double space between them;
The headline, contact info and release date should be found at​ the top of​ the press release;
The headline and first paragraph should catch the reader’s attention .​
It should entice them to​ read more;
Check and triple check your press release for errors before submitting;
The press release should be presented from a​ third-person view, not a​ personal voice;
Provide references to​ any statistics and facts, not general opinion .​
Newsworthy press release ideas:

Revolutionary new product launch on your website;
Online seminar or​ course you’re hosting;
A strange or​ funny story how your business started;
Announce your major sponsorship or​ contest giveaway;
Online survey results and statistics presented in​ the form of​ a​ press release;
Announce the recruitment of​ your new CIO;
A major joint venture with another company;
A new book being released on your website;
A fundraising event on your website.

Learn by reading other businesses press releases, especially from press releases that obtain huge exposure .​
See how they do it​ and what they do best.
Your headline and opening paragraph should contain some of​ your best work .​
It needs to​ grab the reader’s attention quickly .​
Usually this will determine the success of​ your press release as​ to​ whether it​ is​ discovered or​ not.
When writing your press release, make sure you begin with the date and city in​ the body then continue by reporting on the facts .​
It is​ always good to​ supply the answers to​ the common questions like the Who, Where, Why, What, When and How .​
If you don’t have the answers, you should make the effort to​ find them .​
These should be answered in​ the first paragraph.
It is​ good practice to​ include quotes in​ your press release .​
It increases the chance of​ your press release being used and picked up by a​ journalist .​
It adds credibility and human interest to​ a​ media release .​
The second paragraph is​ the best place for these.
Make things easy incase you need to​ be contacted for further information or​ clarification .​
Do not forget to​ include your contact information or​ your work of​ art might never see the media lights.
Your press release should end with a​ call to​ action .​
What is​ it​ exactly that you want your readers to​ do after reading your masterpiece?
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