How To Write Successful Fan Mail To Enhance Your Autograph Collecting

How to​ Write Successful Fan Mail to​ Enhance Your Autograph Collecting
Writing fan letters is​ one of​ the many inexpensive ways for autograph collecting to​ take place .​
But there are some guidelines that you must follow to​ enhance your chance of​ receiving these autographs via mail .​
Because of​ time, distance and accessibility of​ celebrities it​ is​ necessary to​ use other means to​ do autograph collecting .​
Since these important and famous people must read hundreds of​ letters, and maybe thousands of​ letters, the fan letter should be short and right to​ the point .​
You may limit your chances of​ autograph collecting with a​ long letter of​ praises and comments about their books, films, or​ albums .​
If the person is​ real hot at​ the time of​ your writing, it​ may take days, weeks, or​ even months for your mail to​ be read .​
It has been known to​ take as​ long as​ three years for some people to​ receive a​ response.
Moreover some never do receive a​ response to​ a​ fan letter .​
Let’s remember that these people have very tight and challenging schedules .​
They find themselves in​ a​ position sometimes to​ be all things to​ all people .​
So when you are autograph collecting via fan mail you need to​ factor in​ some patience and extra time to​ get what you want - an​ autograph .​
There is​ a​ slim chance that you will receive an​ autograph if​ they have to​ read through many pages of​ prose to​ find your request for an​ autograph .​
Make sure the request is​ at​ the beginning of​ the letter, so if​ time is​ limited, they know what you want and can go about the business of​ sending it .​
They don’t have time to​ read all the accolades you want to​ give them.
Nevertheless, they are happy that you have acquired posters, and other items of​ interests while autograph collecting .​
All these things that hobbyists collect add to​ the celebrity’s bottom line .​
a​ flattering letter in​ most situations increases your chance to​ get something in​ other scenarios of​ life, but not in​ this case .​
Brevity is​ the key to​ getting what you want in​ this situation .​
By all means type your letter, if​ you don’t type, have someone to​ do it​ for you .​
Remember time is​ of​ essence here and celebrities do not have time to​ decipher poor handwriting .​
If you must write, take your time and make it​ legible so it​ can be read quickly .​
It may be better to​ print this letter if​ you do not type .​
Autograph collecting requires some creativity in​ many instances to​ get what you want .​
Here is​ one of​ those times .​
Not only should you include your request at​ the beginning of​ the letter, but you need to​ highlight this request in​ some way.
The first thing you need to​ do is​ type or​ print AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO in​ all caps .​
This may not be enough so highlight this request by circling it, putting it​ in​ color with a​ highlighter and you may even include extra spaces before and after the words autographed photo request .​
It will surely be seen and you may get results from this letter .​
Writing fan mail is​ a​ method that has been used for years to​ get autographs .​
Whatever it​ takes to​ make your request stand out DO IT!

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