How To Write A Sizzling Personal Profile

Your profile is​ the first and perhaps the most important online dating tool. it​ is​ what makes prospects decide to​ contact you (or not to). Follow these tips to​ create a​ sizzling personal profile that stands out from the crowd.

1. First make a​ rough draft of​ your profile on a​ piece of​ paper or​ a​ word processing document like Word, WordPad, or​ WordPerfect etc. Write everything on this draft. Don't worry about length just yet.

2. Your user name is​ a​ representation of​ who you really are. it​ should anonymous but descriptive. if​ you are seeking a​ serious relationship, avoid suggestive names like "hotpants21" or​ "2hotnsexy". Also, avoid the trite and overused like "prince charming" or​ "Betty1625".

3. When picking a​ user name, it​ might help to​ zero in​ on an​ interest, activity or​ personality (examples, "friendly-n-affectionate", "cutesmile" etc.). Be original.

4. Know thyself. Ask your friends what they like about you or​ what sets you apart. What makes you good company? What are your most wonderful attributes? What is​ it​ like to​ be with you? Put it​ all down on your draft.

5. a​ photo is​ important. Surveys by dating sites indicate that you are 10 times more likely to​ be contacted if​ you have a​ picture in​ your profile. Post a​ good, decent photo. Just don't use a​ photo that no longer represents your present appearance: this irks online daters.

6. Be honest. Don't lie about your age (quite common online), appearance, education level etc. Be yourself and show them who really are.

7. Use a​ good headline. Make it​ positive, warm, open and descriptive. Avoid clichés and overused phrases. Your headline should say something about you (example, "Cute lady loves outdoor life").

8. Be positive; avoid talking about your failed relationships or​ bad past experiences.

9. Say what you want. if​ you are seeking a​ serious relationship, or​ want to​ have kids with the right person in​ the future, say it. This will help draw compatible prospects.

10. Edit. It's time to​ cut the clutter or​ anything that's not important. People are busy, so try to​ make it​ short and sweet. Check your spelling and grammar, and refine your personal profile before finally submitting.

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