How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines

How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines

How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines
That's all you usually have to​ work with when trying to​ get and hold the attention of​ someone reading email .​
And, with user behavior changing so much in​ response to​ overwhelming amounts of​ spam, the attention spans of​ email readers are getting shorter .​
Needless to​ say, it's vital to​ make the most of​ your introduction via the email subject line.
Email marketing powerhouse conducts annual surveys with regard to​ user behavior when it​ comes to​ email .​
a​ couple of​ the statistics from their latest findings are interesting .​
The second biggest motivator in​ opening email is​ the subject line .​
(The first is​ the from line.)
Because subject lines are often truncated at​ around 40 characters -- and because email readers usually have their index fingers poised over the delete button -- we're left with about three seconds and approximately six words to​ make an​ impression .​
So what works? Which types of​ subject lines have proven to​ be successful? Here are my top three.
Make An Offer
It's an​ old sales cliché that still holds true in​ the fast-paced world of​ cyberspace: Lead with your best offer .​
Whether a​ product, a​ service or​ a​ proposal, you want to​ tell people up front about your deepest discounts, your fastest delivery or​ your grandest idea .​
Get their attention right off the bat, and you'll likely have your message read .​
(It's even better if​ your offer happens to​ be time sensitive.) Examples include:
Half Off Leather Boots Until March 1st
Top 10 Reasons to​ Attend [Whatever]
Your Link on High Ranking Web Pages
State a​ Benefit
Since the majority of​ consumer and B2B customers live in​ the what's in​ it​ for me world, benefits always make powerful subject lines .​
Telling the readers what the end results of​ their actions will be helps them visualize the need for your product or​ service .​
Here are a​ few examples based on the subject lines above:
Wear Fall's Hottest Trends for 50% Off
Learn [Whatever] in​ Only Two Days
Build Link Popularity & Traffic for Your Site
Copy that ranks high is​ great… IF it​ sells .​
After all, what good is​ copy that ranks high but doesn't make you any money? To have great SEO copy that ranks high AND coverts visitors into buyers, you need to​ learn how to​ incorporate keywords into your copy the right way .​
It's easier than you might think .​
Visit today .​

Evoke Curiosity
We're all nosey to​ a​ point .​
Our curiosity gets the best of​ us, and we want to​ know more .​
That's not only true when it​ comes to​ watching movie previews on TV .​
It's also true for email as​ well .​
Some of​ the best subject lines hook readers by piquing their curiosity, and then reel them in​ to​ read the entire message .​

Are You Still Wearing These Fashion Don'ts?
The Secrets to​ [Whatever] Never Before Revealed
Link Popularity Scams You Should Avoid
Of course, the key to​ writing the best subject lines is​ knowing your target customers, making the topic relevant and testing, testing, testing .​

I mentioned a​ couple interesting facts from the DoubleClick email survey .​
The second is​ that relevancy is​ a​ major player .​
Over 55% of​ respondents said they deleted email that wasn't relevant because they considered it​ spam .​
DoubleClick also reported that the average open rate was 27.5% (for text or​ HTML messages) .​
That gives you a​ baseline to​ gauge your success.
Not every type of​ subject line will work for every campaign .​
Testing is​ vital .​
And it's easy enough to​ do .​
One of​ my favorite ways is​ to​ set up a​ Google AdWords campaign and judge the clickthrough rates .​
This quickly (and cheaply) tells you which subject lines will work and which won't .​
You can also test your subject lines by sending your emails to​ a​ smaller test list before broadcasting it​ to​ the entire group.
Whichever styles of​ subject lines you choose, make sure you know your target audience so you can develop relevant subject lines .​
Then test and test again until you've created subjects that are highly persuasive and deliver record-breaking open rates.

How To Write Persuasive Subject Lines

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