How To Write Lightening Fast Ebooks

How To Write Lightening Fast Ebooks

The quickest way the write you own eBooks is​ by using the expert interview process. What I mean by this is, approaching some experts in​ the field your writing the book on and asking them to​ agree to​ do an​ interview.

If you approach these experts correctly, they will provide you with expert responses to​ all your questions. You will find these experts by checking search engines or​ related niche forums.

The easiest way to​ contact these experts, is​ by email with a​ list of​ questions. Before you submit questions or​ contact your expert, do your research on him/her. You need to​ approach these experts correctly therefore you need to​ consider the following points.

Keep your questions short and too the point: You will turn the person off if​ you are asking long winded questions, long questions lead to​ long answers and you don’t want your expert to​ spend too much time.

Give a​ good introduction of​ yourself at​ the start of​ the email. You will have a​ better chance of​ reply because the respondent can evaluate you.

Take care of​ spelling and grammar: One spelling/grammar mistake could destroy your chances of​ getting the interview.

Have a​ deadline: You must have a​ deadline. This will help you plan your writing better and it​ will force your respondent to​ reply quicker.

Object of​ the interview: You must let the respondent know what the interview is​ for. For example is​ it​ for an​ ebook to​ resell or​ a​ free bonus to​ give away.

Appreciate the respondent: Let the expert know that you are a​ fan of​ his/her business or​ website etc. This helps get a​ much more positive response.

Something in​ return: The responder has to​ get something in​ return. He/She is​ not going to​ give time to​ do the interview for nothing. an​ example of​ an​ offer would usually consist of​ offering to​ share the profits of​ the ebook.

So believe me when I say this, if​ you approach these experts correctly you could get a​ huge volume of​ feedback and enough material to​ combine a​ best selling eboook

How To Write Lightening Fast Ebooks

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