How To Write It

Everything seems fine, no mistakes, no false statements, no taboo ideologies expressed but still you get “satisfactory” and think about what a​ looser you are. it​ seems unfair. After getting the same result each time you ask yourself, what is​ that I do wrong? How to​ write it? Here are some hints for you to​ get the general idea of​ how to​ do it. First of​ all, you are to​ choose, what kind of​ essay it​ will be (for and against, persuasive, description essay). Each of​ them has its own peculiarities and requires different style. Then you have to​ structure your essay properly in​ order to​ highlight the theme you were given or​ you have chosen. There has to​ be an​ introduction, where you introduce the main idea and the statement around which you are going to​ make your essay. Then goes a​ main body where you state all the necessary facts to​ prove your idea, express your opinion, and make an​ impression. Use as​ many facts as​ it​ is​ only possible. This will make your essay more interesting and serve the right aim, to​ impress the reader by your intelligence and writing skills. Then conclusion comes, where you summarize everything mentioned in​ the main body and make the necessary statements, according to​ the type of​ essay you are going to​ write.

If you consider at​ least some of​ the above mentioned you will not have to​ do this term paper research, spend hours to​ compose it, check it​ hundred times, than give it​ to​ a​ friend to​ check, and see that the result stays the same and you hide the paper with disgust and swear that it​ will never happen again. Your research paper has to​ be next to​ perfect. Language you use is​ also very important. Your idea may seem great and the facts that you’ve stated are proper, but the way you have represented them leaves something more to​ be desired. You are to​ be careful with words, not to​ use strong verbs unless it​ is​ absolutely necessary. There has to​ be no offence, no matter how emotional your essay is. There have to​ be some introductory words like “all the things considered”, “actually” etc. This shows your excellent knowledge of​ the literary language. This is​ an​ additional plus to​ your nicely composed and well-written essay. it​ is​ also a​ big plus for you to​ use quotations and extracts out of​ famous writers’ masterpieces. it​ makes your language more emphatic and makes very good impression on those who read it.

And finally, you are to​ use some psychology. You may know a​ person you turn the paper in​ to. it​ is​ your teacher or​ a​ lecturer so one way or​ another you may get acquainted with some of​ her/his basic ideas and principles. Even if​ your essay is​ perfect and there is​ nothing to​ add and to​ correct, you’ll still be given an​ “F” for not responding to​ the ideas of​ the lectures delivered. So, be careful with what you write and what you express, your reader may not like it. to​ make a​ good impression one also has to​ be very accurate. if​ you had a​ task to​ write an​ essay on the spot, not to​ print at​ home, you have to​ make a​ sketch and only then, after looking through it​ write it​ to​ your final paper, with no corrections made. if​ you read this carefully and follow some of​ the instructions, you’ll reach success in​ writing and hang your work graded “A” on the wall above the bed.

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