How To Write A Great Press Release And Increase Press Release Distribution

How to​ Write a​ Great Press Release and Increase Press Release Distribution
Every online business should have a​ marketing and advertising plan .​
While paid advertising - especially Internet advertising - can drive highly targeted traffic to​ your site, many online businesses overlook a​ key component of​ any marketing and advertising plan: press releases and press release distribution .​
a​ great press release can garner the kind of​ exposure that money can't buy; in​ essence, it's free advertising .​
Press release distribution is​ an​ extremely cost-effective way to​ get the word out to​ thousands, hundreds of​ thousands, and perhaps millions of​ potential customers .​
Many business owners might respond, But I've written press releases and haven't received a​ single response .​
If that's the case, the lack of​ response is​ most likely either due to​ either a​ poorly written press release or​ poor press release distribution .​
Although virtually anyone can string words together, writing a​ press release that will grab and hold the attention of​ the media is​ an​ art .​
Many press release services also offer press release writing services; in​ most cases, it's worth the money to​ leave it​ to​ the professionals .​
If you do want to​ write your own press release, though, here are some tips:
1 .​
At the top of​ the release, include a​ contact person's name, phone number, and email address, as​ well as​ the URL of​ your website .​
It's imperative that whomever is​ listed will be available to​ speak to​ the media .​
In other words, don't decide to​ distribute your press release and then head off on vacation .​
2 .​
Make the topic timely .​
Unless yours is​ a​ Fortune 1000 company, simply announcing that your product exists will draw only a​ yawn from the media .​
Find a​ hook .​
Your hook could be an​ upcoming holiday, for example .​
Better yet, find a​ way to​ piggyback your product or​ service onto something that's currently making news .​
Reporters are always looking for new angles for their follow-up stories.
3 .​
Don't forget the Five Ws .​
a​ reporter should be able to​ read the first paragraph of​ your release and know who, what, where, when, and why .​
If they don't find the information there, they won't read any further.
4 .​
Incorporate quotes from an​ expert .​
The expert could be you, the CEO of​ your company, or​ someone with whom you collaborate .​
The bottom line is​ that he or​ she should be able to​ authoritatively speak about the topic of​ the release, and should be available to​ the media for interviews.
5 .​
Keep it​ short .​
a​ press release is​ a​ teaser to​ get the media interested in​ your company .​
Say what you need to​ say in​ 400-500 words .​
If reporters want more information, they'll contact you.
6 .​
a​ picture is​ worth 1,000 words .​
If you're promoting a​ product, have high-resolution (300 dpi) images available, and state their availability at​ the end of​ your press release .​
Editors will choose to​ cover a​ product with a​ photo over a​ product without every single time.
When it​ comes to​ press release distribution, use press release services .​
Ideally, you should use a​ press release distribution service that can target your release to​ members of​ the media that specifically cover your market or​ industry .​
Consider a​ press release distribution service that offers online print distribution, fax distribution, and audio distribution.
Keep in​ mind that press release distribution can take awhile to​ bear fruit .​
In contrast to​ websites, which continually publish new content, magazines often have months of​ lead time .​
Your press release may get some immediate responses, and continue to​ receive a​ trickle of​ responses for months to​ come.
Lastly, press release writing and press release distribution should be a​ cornerstone of​ your marketing and advertising efforts .​
Issuing a​ new press release every three to​ four weeks keeps your company in​ front of​ the media, and has a​ cumulative effect of​ increasing the effectiveness of​ your press releases.

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