How To Write Essay

How To Write Essay

Every year ordering custom essays becomes more popular among students. Many potential clients consider using custom writing services because it​ saves their time, helps them to​ concentrate on their favorite subjects and offers more opportunities for personal development allowing active involvement in​ interesting activities besides studies. One of​ our writers decided to​ conduct research on different approaches to​ essay writing. He recorded the story of​ his friend who shared with him his experience of​ writing an​ essay for his English Literature class:

…During my sophomore year at​ high school I was assigned to​ write an​ argumentative essay on any topic. I showed the first draft of​ the essay to​ my teacher. He read it​ carefully and then said, “This essay is​ not what I want.” I felt disappointed and angry at​ the same time. What’s wrong with my essay? Why didn’t he explain?

I came home and decided to​ read it​ again. The first thing that I noticed was the introduction that didn’t catch attention of​ the readers. My essay was about gender inequalities and employment. I started with describing historical events related to​ gender issues and illustrating some facts which did not explain the topic of​ my essay. Therefore, I revised the introductory paragraph of​ the essay providing striking statistics about progression of​ gender inequalities for certain job positions. The introduction became interesting to​ read because the facts in​ the introductory part of​ my essay were taken from sources which were difficult to​ access and not actively “advertised”. Because of​ the uniqueness of​ the introduction readers were easily involved into the process of​ reading the essay; their desire was driven by their curiosity in​ further development of​ my arguments.

However, my introduction was still not perfect. The next element that I had to​ revise was my thesis statement. Thesis helps a​ reader to​ focus on the main point that a​ writer is​ going to​ prove by his/her essay. it​ may seem easy because before writing an​ essay you record your central idea immediately and then collect information and build your writing process in​ accordance with the main idea. Nevertheless, the thesis statement that you have in​ your mind may not be persuasive in​ written form. it​ is​ essential to​ remember that your thesis statement is​ not a​ summary of​ the essay that you were assigned to​ write. On the contrary, it​ is​ your standpoint on the chosen topic.

Thus, it​ should include your own opinion, the opposite point of​ view and the summary of​ supportive facts which will be presented further in​ the essay. The question is​ how to​ fit all those elements into one sentence of​ your thesis statement. it​ may take quite a​ long time. However, if​ you manage to​ write strong thesis statement you’ll succeed in​ presenting the complex idea of​ your essay using simple text. it​ does not mean using simple vocabulary; it​ rather means developing more persuasive arguments and making your essay easier to​ read. The thesis statement in​ my essay was: “According to​ sociological research, in​ multinational companies women have fewer opportunities than men to​ be hired for managerial positions.”

I thought it​ was a​ perfect thesis statement; however, it​ was absolutely unacceptable. to​ begin with, the thesis statement of​ my essay was biased because it​ did not reflect the point of​ view of​ the opposite party. Besides, the main points which support the idea of​ the essay were not summarized in​ the thesis statement. Thus, I revised the thesis sentence and wrote the following:
“Even though some researchers believe that the new perception of​ the role of​ women in​ modern society established equal opportunities for men and women, psychological indicators and sociological findings demonstrate that women have fewer opportunities to​ be hired for managerial positions in​ multinational companies.”

At last I finished my work on the thesis statement! The writing process went smoothly. I already had the structure of​ the essay in​ my head. First, I recorded the first sentences which explained the central idea of​ each paragraph in​ the main body of​ the essay. Later I reorganized my notes which I took while reading useful literature on my topic and supplied each paragraph with the evidence that supported my arguments.

In the conclusion, I summarized the key points and restated the thesis. I showed the second draft to​ my teacher and his only comment was, “I’m glad that you learnt how to​ write an​ essay.”…

Probably this story will remind you your personal experience of​ learning how to​ write essays. The story is​ interesting because this student discovered himself those mistakes that he made while writing the first draft of​ his essay. His knowledge came from practice. He was able to​ write a​ good essay but he would spend less time on his improvement if​ he did research and used online guides on writing essays.

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