How To Write An Effective And Original Objective Statement

How to​ write an​ effective and original objective statement
A career objective, often listed as​ objective only on your resume, is​ a​ statement of​ your career goals .​
It sounds simple – you want to​ get a​ good job, utilize your experience and education, and get paid well .​
However, this is​ the most difficult part of​ the resume to​ compose, as​ you are limited to​ one to​ two sentences in​ which you are expected to​ convey your professional expertise, expectations from a​ job and an​ organization, as​ well as​ goals for your professional growth .​
Doesn’t sound so easy now, does it?
The most common mistake people make is​ not listing an​ objective .​
Most people operate under the assumption that the objective is​ not necessary to​ include in​ a​ resume because it​ states the obvious – your objective is​ to​ get the job you are applying for .​
However, this is​ a​ big misconception .​
Employers are looking for an​ objective; they want to​ know what it​ is​ that you are looking for in​ order to​ determine whether or​ not you are a​ good match for their company .​
The second most common mistake is​ including a​ career objective that doesn’t actually express your goals and your qualification .​
For example, a​ statement like the one below is​ commonly used is​ resumes:
To obtain a​ position where my experience and education can be utilized and expanded.
If you examine this statement, you will find it​ doesn’t say anything specific about what you are looking for in​ terms of​ professional growth .​
Avoid using generic statements like this .​
They will hurt you more than help you in​ your job search, because your employer will be left with an​ impression that you don’t have a​ set a​ goal in​ mind .​
Now that you know what not to​ do, here are some helpful tips on creating a​ winning career objective that will get your resume noticed and get your foot in​ the door .​
First, make your career objective personal .​
Think of​ your whole resume as​ a​ sales tool; your career objective is​ your opening statement .​
You want your employer to​ know what you want, not just restate what other people want .​
Second, you want to​ state your commitment to​ your career goal .​
If you are unsure of​ what you want, how is​ your employer to​ believe that you really want the job at​ their organization and you are not just applying because you want to​ get out of​ your current work environment? Don’t be afraid to​ state what you want from a​ job and from an​ organization .​
Third, while you want to​ state your commitment, you also want to​ show that you are willing to​ take action to​ achieve your goal .​
Indicate what direction or​ action you are willing to​ take in​ order to​ accomplish your career objective .​
Fourth and most important factor in​ a​ successful career objective is​ being specific about what you are looking for in​ a​ work situation .​
While you can say that you are looking for a​ challenging environment, this doesn’t mean anything to​ your employer, as​ people define challenges in​ various ways .​
Avoid using generic and broad terms .​
Simply state what you want, and what you are willing to​ do to​ get it .​
Keeping in​ mind these criteria, let’s revise the above career objective statement so that it​ effectively states what you want .​
To obtain a​ position of​ a​ sales representative in​ a​ health insurance industry, where I​ can utilize my management and customer relations skills, with the opportunity for performance-based advancement.
This statement tells a​ potential employer that you know what kind of​ job you want, what experience you have in​ order to​ get the position, and what you are willing do to​ become a​ successful professional with the company .​
Thus, you have just created a​ winning career objective for your resume.

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