How To Write A Bibliograpy

How To Write A Bibliograpy

What does Bibliography mean? Webster's Dictionary describes it​ as​ the history, identification, or​ description of​ writings or​ publications. it​ can be anything E-book, journals, Comics etc.

Making a​ Bibliography might look very simple but it​ requires a​ great attention to​ minute details. it​ will become a​ bad publicity to​ your book in​ case it​ is​ not made first time right.

When making a​ Bibliography make sure we read the documents for which the bibliography is​ needed. And a​ thorough reading will help all the better.
Steps that can be used:

. Make a​ List, First, of​ all the sources that the author has used.
. Collect all the titles, references etc that has been used in​ the book.
. When more than one reference is​ used, make sure to​ arrange it​ in​ alphabetical or​ any other preferred order based on the content of​ the body.
. Make sure the information that comes from the bibliography comes from the Title page of​ each book, and not from anywhere else.

. Cover all the dates of​ publication, for each reference.
. if​ any special references to​ web pages etc, find out the credibility of​ the data contained in​ the same. For example like who is​ the author, his other works etc.
. Include the most relevant information always. Extra information might tend to​ mislead the readers.

When everything is​ listed, arrange it​ all in​ a​ required fashion; give formatting for the Bibliography as​ required. Here your work is​ complete now, give a​ review and you are ready to​ go.

How To Write A Bibliograpy

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