How To Write A Better Fundraising Letter

How To Write a​ Better Fundraising Letter
Looking for tips on writing a​ better fundraising letter? Use these quick tips
to craft your next donation request letter .​
Feel free to​ modify the sample
letter below to​ fit your specific needs.
-Good news - Always start the letter with a​ series of​ good news
-Use bullets to​ build momentum and make entire letter entertaining and informative
- Use foreshadowing to​ tease your reader and keep him or​ her reading.
- Create a​ widow at​ the end of​ the first page (a thought that's finished
on page two)
- Make your reader turn the page
-Describe what you want to​ do next
- Tell what you're going to​ do .​
- Why you're going to​ do it .​
- How you're going to​ do it .​
- What results you expect.

List suggested contribution amounts
- Use even numbersin graduated amounts
- Offer a​ monthly auto charge credit card option ($10 a​ month is​ $120 a​ year)
- Include a​ blank line for write-in amounts
-Remind readers that their contribution is​ your budget - Your successes have been possible because of​ their past contributions
- Thank them!
Use P.S.'s for skimmers
- May titillate skimmers and get them to​ read the entire letter.
- To create a​ sense of​ urgency .​
Sample Donation Request Letter
Dear Name of​ sponsor,
On (date of​ event), I​ will join hundreds of​ others to​ help end the devastating effects of​ multiple sclerosis by (riding/walking/skating) in​ the MS (event name) .​
By making a​ pledge on my behalf, you are supporting research and local services to​ those affected with this unpredictable disease.
Give details - Tell your story: I​ have a​ personal stake in​ this particular event .​
My (dad, aunt, sister) has MS .​
Not only do I​ want to​ help him/her, but also the many others diagnosed with MS .​
MS is​ a​ disease that affects the central nervous system .​
Some symptoms of​ MS may include loss of​ balance, impaired vision and hearing, fatigue, muscle weakness and, in​ some,
paralysis .​
Even simple everyday living skills become increasingly difficult .​
Everyone is​ affected differently by these symptoms.
My goal is​ to​ raise at​ least (specify dollar amount) this year, which represents $1 for every person with MS registered with our local MS Chapter .​
Please help me reach that goal with your pledge .​
Your donation is​ tax deductible .​
If you wish, you may mail all or​ part of​ your payment amount today in​ the self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed with this letter.
Otherwise, I​ will collect your pledge after the event .​
Please make your check
payable to​ the National MS Society .​
My deadline to​ get my pledges in​ is​ (deadline date) .​
Following the event, I​ will send out a​ brief recap of​ the MS (event name) to​ all my sponsors.
Thank you in​ advance for your support .​
Please call me if​ you have any questions or​ comments about the MS (event name) .​
I​ can be reached at​ (phone number).
Your name

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