How To Write Articles And Use SEO And Smart Pages To Promote A Product

How To Write Articles And Use SEO And Smart Pages To Promote A Product

If you​ know how to​ write articles and how to​ use SEO and smart pages to​ promote a​ product then you​ should find internet marketing fairly simple. if​ you​ have not yet been successful,​ you​ must be missing something.

The way to​ write articles is​ to​ carefully consider the​ product you​ are trying to​ sell and write down as​ many aspects of​ it​ that people would to​ want it​ for as​ you​ can. Then write an​ articles on​ each of​ these reasons why people should purchase your product. Make the​ articles simple,​ explain very clearly what the​ product can do,​ and why the​ reader should buy it.

Your title should be based upon the​ particular benefit of​ your article that you​ are writing about,​ and then you​ will be sure that the​ reader is​ focused on​ what you​ are offering. He or​ she will not just b a​ casual reader,​ but somebody that has searched for your topic,​ and decided to​ read your article based upon the​ title. Make sure that you​ write about the​ topic of​ the​ subject line and you​ will have a​ good chance that the​ reader will want to​ read more.

Then use your author’s resource box to​ advertise a​ page on​ your website that can provide further information on​ the​ product: not just your home page,​ but one relevant to​ the​ product. That might be a​ review page on​ the​ product,​ a​ pre-sales page if​ it​ is​ an​ affiliate product or​ your own sales page if​ it​ is​ your own product. Whatever it​ is,​ it​ must relate to​ the​ product or​ your visitor will leave immediately: a​ good prospect lost forever.

The SEO side of​ it​ comes to​ back up your writing. you​ cannot just rely on​ article readers to​ buy your product,​ but you​ also need visitors to​ your site from the​ search engines. Optimize your website properly to​ persuade the​ search engines that your website is​ good enough to​ provide a​ visitor with the​ information they want on​ your subject. I am not going to​ tell you​ how to​ do that here since it​ will take too long,​ but my resource box provides further information.

One way to​ use obscure keywords that a​ few people use now and again is​ to​ use smart pages. Using smart pages,​ you​ can use hundreds of​ different keywords,​ and even if​ each only gets used once daily,​ you​ will get hundreds of​ extra traffic every day. Smart pages work for me and they can work for you.

To generate them you​ need to​ produce a​ web page for each keyword. Once you​ have done that,​ you​ should write a​ redirect,​ so that visitors to​ the​ smart page do not actually land on​ it,​ but land on​ another page of​ your choice that could be a​ squeeze page or​ a​ sales page. That is​ up to​ you.

By combining article writing,​ SEO and smart pages,​ you​ should be able to​ drive enough traffic to​ your website to​ sell any product you​ want.

How To Write Articles And Use SEO And Smart Pages To Promote A Product

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