How To Write Ads That Will Convert A Prospect Into A Customer

You've been quite some time at​ the Internet, marketing your products, or​ other's products and running multiple Google adwords campaigns. Although your market is​ a​ competitive market, your sales letter is​ amazing, your ads are targeted, your landing pages are specific and well designed, you offer free ebooks to​ tempt your potential customers, but still you cannot convert your visitors into customers. What is​ happening? if​ this is​ you then keep reading.

Ok, first stop crying please. I know it's frustrating to​ work hard and get no results but there is​ light at​ the end of​ the tunnel. Here are some tips that will help you write killer ads that will convert prospects into customers.

There are many factors that affect the quality of​ your ads especially when using adwords campaigns. Here's an​ example of​ a​ three line ad and how to​ write it:

Ad Line 1: The headline. It's so important to​ write a​ good compelling headline. I will assume you already know this. Now, try to​ use as​ many targeted keywords and search terms as​ you can. That means you have to​ do some keyword research on your topic before you start writing your ad. if​ you don't use specific and well targeted keywords when writing your headline your ad is​ bound to​ fail.

Ad Line 2: Main text. Here you have to​ tell your prospects/potential customers exactly what to​ expect when they click your ad. Don't use all caps. You may capitalize the first letter of​ every word, that's ok. You also have to​ create interest here. State a​ fact, a​ solution to​ the problem. Create desire and an​ emotional attachment. What will your product help the customer do? How quickly can your product help the customers accomplish their goal? Don't be afraid to​ use cliches like "How To..", "Amazing..", "Top selling.." etc. They do work.

Ad Line 3: Call to​ action. Tell the readers why they should immediately click your ad. Maybe because they will miss some important offer or​ something like that. Maybe because you offer free shipping for the next 7 days. Maybe because you throw 3 exclusive bonuses. Can you find a​ clear and cool reason for your call of​ action? Use it​ here. Do not forget to​ proof-read your ads again and again before publishing.

Landing pages

Yes, landing pages are important. Especially if​ you are on Google adwords campaigns. You should know that your landing pages affect your overall quality score of​ your ads too, according to​ Google. Do you have any idea how frustrating can be to​ decide to​ click to​ a​ quality ad that points to​ a​ lousy landing page? Another bad example would be to​ "hide" your product under adsense ads, images or​ text. Try to​ help your visitors to​ see exactly what they want when they land on your page.

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