How To Use SEO To Make Money

How To Use SEO To Make Money

Every internet marketing guru knows how to​ use SEO to​ make money. in​ fact,​ SEO is​ their life blood in​ spite of​ what they will tell you​ in​ their newsletters.

Have you​ ever tried to​ check out one of​ their websites? How many are not on​ the​ first page for at​ least one of​ their keywords? I can answer that question – none that I know of! These guys know how to​ do it,​ and they started off by themselves. OK,​ perhaps now they can afford to​ pay others to​ do it,​ but you​ can be pretty sure that you​ won’t get the​ service that they get!

If you​ were paying for a​ service,​ would you​ like the​ guy you​ were paying to​ get you​ on​ the​ first page to​ offer the​ same service to​ your competition? of​ course you​ wouldn’t. SO what chance do you​ think you​ have of​ employing a​ SEO consultant and getting a​ top 10 position? I can answer that on​ no fingers!

Come on! Are you​ rally so naïve as​ to​ believe all these claims to​ get you​ in​ the​ top 10,​ let alone Number 1 as​ some claim? OK,​ Number 1 for the​ keyword ‘whajotys’: anybody can do that (I shut my eyes and typed there). What you​ want is​ a​ Number 1 position for a​ good keyword in​ your niche,​ and nobody except Google can guarantee you​ that. the​ same applies with a​ top 10 position.

The only person capable of​ earning you​ a​ top 10 position for any page in​ your website is​ you. you​ have to​ optimize your page to​ make it​ appear attractive to​ the​ search engines. ‘Attractive’ means that your web page (Google lists pages,​ not sites) best meets the​ needs of​ a​ Google search for the​ information that your web page provides according to​ the​ calculations of​ the​ statistical mathematical analytical system that is​ loosely termed the​ Google algorithm,​ applied by so-called spiders that analyze the​ content of​ each of​ your web pages.

If you​ want to​ use SEO to​ make money,​ you​ should learn how it​ works. Learn how to​ make your website attractive to​ the​ Google algorithm. Learn what semantics are and how to​ use them to​ fool the​ spiders. How to​ maximise the​ power of​ the​ links between the​ various pages in​ your website. How to​ maximise the​ complete latent power that is​ charged in​ each of​ your web pages,​ and how to​ use the​ content on​ these pages to​ drive an​ unlimited amount of​ traffic to​ your site.

That information is​ available to​ anybody who wants to​ seek it​ online,​ if​ they know what they are looking for or​ where to​ look for it. That information is​ available,​ and it​ can make a​ massive difference to​ your online success. Anybody with any form of​ online business needs to​ know this information and it​ is​ available for you​ free of​ charge online if​ your know what to​ look for.

The problem with many,​ however,​ is​ that they don’t know what to​ look for or​ where to​ get it. They take the​ advice they find,​ only to​ discover too late that what they have learned is​ wrong. Stop being obdurate (look it​ up) and get it​ right for a​ change. That can make all the​ difference between failure and success.

Learn how to​ use SEO to​ make money and you​ will never look back.

How To Use SEO To Make Money

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